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No word on our courageous Pembroke priests.  I know some media were trying to contact them so perhaps/hopefully we will hear more over the weekend.  Meanwhile, keep them in your prayers.


A few days back someone asked about a priest who had been a chaplain at a hospital in Hamilton, Ontario.  I thought perhaps he was referring to Father Stamp.  I decided that as soon as I had opportunity I would updated the Father Dougals Stamp CSsR page.  I have done so.

When putting together the timelines for these clerical molesters there are almost invariably   things which raise questions.  Look through it.  I have gaps in the years because those are the directories to which I have ready access, but, still, note that Stamp was at St. Alphonsus in Peterborough from 1979 to 1983, and that he was eventually convicted for sexually abusing two boys between 1979 and 1981, and then the 1985-86 directory indicates that he is in Quebec.  Then he is in St. John’s Newfoundland, then back to the Redemptorists in Toronto, and then back to St. John’s as Chancellor!  And then, after his conviction, he winds up as head of chaplaincy services at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton! 

Quietly recycled right into a hospital!

Father Stamp tried to mitigate his sentencing by telling the court that he had been sexually assaulted in the late 6o’s by Father James Hickey in Newfoundland.  Perhaps it worked; Stamp served three months – weekends only! 

Slap on the back of the hand and ‘tut tut bad boy’ aside, it looks as though Stamp was molesting before and immediately after he was ordained. 

How could he possibly not have known that he was not priestly material?  How could he not have known that it is wrong for grown men to molest, never mind grown men who are priests?  I have trouble with that as an excuse, I really do. It’s terribly sad that he was violated by a priest, but to turn around and become a molester himself – as  a Roman Catholic priest?! That’s not only a sin, and a crime, it’s a sacrilege.  No.  I’m sorry.  He should never have been ordained.  

Anyway, he served his three months, weekends only!  And then in due course he was recycled into a hospital setting.

My question is: How many who knew of Father Stamp’s sex abuse conviction agreed that the sick and suffering would be well served spiritually by a convicted molester?  Bishop Tonnos certainly would have known, would he not?  It had been public knowledge.  Why would the Redemptorists or Father Stamp try to hide a sex abuse conviction which had been out in the public domain? 

I find these things just so hard to fathom.

One more question.  If this is the priest Bill Bourque asked about, was Stamp, a convicted clerical molester, actually hearing confessions at a local Hamilton school as well?  Does anyone know?  

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