“misprision of felony”

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A few new articles posted with quick comment on each:

(1) 24 August 2010: Catholicism’s culture of secrecy 

A good article by a parishioner at the Cathedral in St. Catharine’s – without doubt it’s difficult to a be a parishioner at the Cathedral, still wondering after all of these months why Bishop James Wingle just disappeared. And, as Prof. Sainsbury candidly observes, few at the Cathedral “could look forward to a sabbatical for personal renewal of the sort that their former bishop has granted himself.” 

(1) 23 August 2010:  Bishops ‘should do time’ for sex abuse cover-ups 

Addressing the sex abuse scandal in Ireland a former Roman Catholic priest and canon lawyer says that nothing will change within the Church “until a bishop does jail time.”  I know nothing about Patrick J Wall, but I agree with him wholeheartedly.  I don’t believe we have “misprision of felony” in Canada, but I am sure we have something similar.

(3) 19 August 2010: 7 sue California diocese over alleged sex abuse 

It took six years to have this clerical predator laicized (defrocked).  And yet again the busy Jeff Anderson has files linking then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, to the case.

(4) 24 August 2010:  Rival Catholic group launched ahead of UK papal visit

What can I say?  It’s going to be an absolute circus in the U.K. during the Holy Father’s visit.

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