Hopefully, time will tell

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I was trying to get an update on the Father George Smith sex abuse allegations a few days ago.  I obviously missed one. Jack sprat’s blog of yesterday prompted me to do another search on Smith.  I found this: 

12 August 2010:  Investigation of priest slow: RCMP

So, there it is.  The investigation is on-going, and there is  more than one one complainant. According to the article the investigation will take several months.

Note that Smith is “out of the province.”

Where oh where is Father George Smith?  Is he out of the province (PEI)?  is he back in Newfoundland? or is he out of the country?

Or, is he perchance off to Southdown for “treatment”?

Time I suppose shall tell.

Incidentally, Deer Lake, Newfoundland is part of the Diocese of St. George’s.

Some will recall that Canada’s disgraced Bishop Raymond Lahey, whose child pornography trial is pending, was bishop of the Diocese of St. George’s (Newfoundland) from 1986 to 2003.  (Lahey’s predecessor was Bishop Richard Thomas McGrath.  The diocese’s current bishop is Doug Crosby omi).

According to one report, Lahey was aware of an allegation against Smith.

Smith was listed in the Catholic directory as “on leave” from the Diocese of St. George’s in 1993.  That was during Lahey’s tenure.

According to media reports Smith relocated to Prince Edward Island (PEI) in 1994. That was also during Lahey’s tenure.

By 1999 Smith had become incardinated, and was serving, in the Diocese of Charlottetown. 

Joseph Vernon  Fougere was bishop of Charlottetown 1992-2009. Fougere resigned at age 66 for “reasons of health” – he was replaced by Bishop Richard Grecco

Who knew what?

Hopefully, time will tell.

Enough for now,



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