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Yesterday marked one year to the day that I arrived in Ireland to spend time with my terminally-ill brother.  It seems like yesterday.   

This year the day turned into one of sight-seeing and visits with friends.  A welcome break. 

I will be out and about today too.  With luck I should be able to get some time at the computer in the evening – there are a few articles I would like to get posted (nothing from Canada).

I did do a quick search just now to see if there’s anything in the news re former Brigadier General Monsignor Roger Bazin’s scheduled 18 August 2010 court appearance.  Nothing.

For those who may have missed it, the President of St. Michael’s College School issued a statement on Thursday:

18 August 2010: Fr. Joseph Redican, CSB, Responds to Serious Charges Against Basilians – August 18 2010 

With that, I will call it a day…

Enough for now,



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2 Responses to Nothing

  1. Eileen McAuliffe says:

    I called the Barrie Court house and they said the trial date for Fr. Roger Bazin is October 7th.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Thank you Eileen. I was literally getting set to call the courthouse today and was interrupted by a phone call.

    Is it trial date for sure? Not just another court date?

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