An unpleasant email response

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Well, I got a rather surprising and, I would say, vile, email response today from Father Tom Rosica, spokesman for the Basilians.

Let me explain ever so briefly…

I tried to phone Father today just after 4 pm.  As you know, I have been trying to get  clarification on dates re Father Kenneth O’Keefe csb. 

Apparently the Basilian switchboard closes at 4 pm.  Since I didn’t know Father Rosica’s extension number there was no ability to leave a message, nor was I able to get through to an operator.  

I decided to dash off an email with my questions: two very basic and straight forward questions (I thought) regarding where Father O’Keefe was and when. I supplied my phone number.

My dear goodness, what a reply I received by email! I am floored.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be, but, I am.

I am about to draft a reply now.  Then I will sleep on it.  Then I will send it.  I will post the exchange tomorrow.


Has anyone seen anything online or heard anything regarding Monsignor Roger Bazin’s court appearance in Barrie Ontario today.  I have looked but see nothing.

Enough for now,



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3 Responses to An unpleasant email response

  1. Lina says:


    Many priests and other clergy are edgy, touchy, and are ready to pounce on anyone. They are under a lot of stress about these (alleged) crimes popping up that suppose to have been committed by their fellow brother priests. Now these crimes are coming to light. I’m not surprise folks like you are going to get some backlash.

    It is sad some innocent clergy are caught up in this. Nevertheless, they need to face the hard reality it comes with the territory. They need to deal with it, even if it takes them to seek some professional help.

    Keep up your courage Sylvia!

    Many of us are supporting you and keeping you in our prayers!


  2. prima facie says:

    Quite an “exchange” eh Sylvia.
    You answered well; you win this “round” prima facie.

    As you are well aware, this type of “fear”, as exhibited through different “flight-fight” defensive mechanisms is common and very evident.
    You understand.
    You just have a new group to deal with…you are use to it. It’s kinda like a “tag-team” with the lawyers.

    Your written words carry the cries and pleas of many victims and their friends.
    Your written words “speak out” for those who, for various reasons, will not or can not. “Lord Hear Our Prayer”.

    The prayers of many are with you…

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