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I was out for the day yesterday, with summer rapidly drawing to a  close I will enjoy the last few weekends as much as possible 🙂 


On 10 August 2010 Lina asked if it is true that Monsignor Robert Borne has to pay his own legal defence fees.  I told her I would find out.

Father Peter Proulx handles all queries regarding clerical sex abuse for the Diocese of Pembroke.  I emailed  the following questions to Father Proulx on 11 August 2010: 

(1) Does the diocese fund the legal defence costs for clergy who have been charged with sex related offences?  

 (i)  If yes to the above, does the diocese require that the funds be repaid if there is a guilty verdict?    

(ii)  If yes to the above, does the diocese select the lawyer, or can the accused priest select his lawyer of choice?   

(2) Does the diocese have insurance which covers the defence costs of clergy charged or sued?   

(i)  If yes to the above, does the insurer demand that the accused priest not admit liability?   

(3)  Does the diocese fund the costs of a lawyer for clergy who are sued?   

(4)  Is the Diocese of Pembroke paying all or part of Monsignor Borne’s legal defence costs?  

(5)  If the Diocese carries insurance which covers sexual abuse, is insurance covering all or part of Monsignor Borne’s legal costs?   

(6)  If the  Diocese carries insurance which covers sexual abuse how much are the annual premiums?

Father Proulx was on holiday. 

Yesterday, however, I received the following response to my query from Father Proulx:

  In response to your enquiry I think that all your questions are answered by the fact that “The Diocese of Pembroke does not cover the legal defense costs of clergy charged with sexual misconduct nor does it have an insurance to cover such costs”  

I’m not sure who or what is quoted, but the answer is quite clear.  This means that parishioners are not picking up the tab for Monsignor Borne’s defence.  That is good news.

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2 Responses to Good news

  1. Lina says:

    A big ‘Thank You’ Sylvia for finding this important information out for me.


  2. Sylvia says:

    Happy to help Lina 🙂

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