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I had hoped to comment on the following articles today, but time passed me by.  I had other things to take care of – all related to Sylvia’s Site.  Sometimes making one phone call can turn into a major ordeal.  It’s been that sort of day.

I did manage a bit of an update on times and places on Father Hod Marshall’s page.  There is more to do there.  

I also been preparing a Statement of Claim re Father Leo Campbell for posting.  All being well that should be ready to go tomorrow.

For now, if you haven’t already seen them, here are the articles of note today.

09 August 2010:  Former Windsor principal faces more indecent assault charges  

09 August 2010:  Basilians say money was to help alleged victim heal 

07 August 2010:  May 5, 2002:  The two faces of Father Jacobs:  How a dirty little secret caught up with the ‘perfect’ priest 

07 August 2010:  Ousted Columbus priest arrested: Sex crime allegations surface in Canada 

I really do want to comment on all, but it’s a bit late – tomorrow.

Enough for now,



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