What happened to the charges?

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Does anyone know the outcome of the 2008 sex abuse charges against a young boy at the St. James Catholic elementary school in Eganville, Ontario?  Here are a few of the articles:

27 July 2008:  “Youth accused of sexual assault” and related articles

Because the charges relate to a minor it is difficult to track this. I have some feelers out but as yet no answers.  Did it go to trial?  Were the charges dropped? 

An interesting dimension to this is the fact that Monsignor Robert Borne was pastor at St. James the Lesser Church in Eganville when this horror story became public.  I am told that Borne was transferred from Eganville shortly after the allegations against this boy became public.  

According to the following June 2009 article in the Eganville Leader announcing the sex abuse allegations against Borne  – “Last June, Msgr. Borne was appointed to the Diocesan Tribunal, based in Pembroke…”      

10 June 2009: Priest is charged for sexual assaults 

That would have been June 2008.  The allegations related to sex abuse by a child at the school broke in July 2008. 

Sheer coincidence? 

True. Borne could probably have worked on the tribunal and still have carried on as pastor at St. James in Eganville, but I have been told he was gone from Eganville, and the sense was his departure seemed to tie into the sex allegations at the elementary school.

Did Borne teach at St. James?  I have come across nothing which would say that he did, but those who know the location of the school, church and rectory know that they are a hop, skip and jump apart:  first the rectory (a beautiful rectory by the way), which connects to the Church proper, then a small parking lot, and then adjacent to the parking lot, St. James School.  A brisk two-minute walk would easily take you from rectory to the school door.

The children who attend the school probably attend the Church, and without doubt some of the older children are altar servers at the church. 

Note that the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board and child welfare were aware of allegations in 2004-2005 – charges were NOT laid!  but. more problematic, parents were NOT notified of those allegations.

Only after additional children disclosed in 2008 were charges laid.

So, what happened to those charges? 

Not only that, what ‘possessed’ an elementary school boy to prey upon and abuse the little boys from thh lower grades in his school? 

And where is that boy now?

So many unaswered questions on this one.

And yes, for those who are thinking Eganville sounds vaguely familiar, that is indeed the home of Canada’s abdicating bishop, James Wingle.   The Wingle family have attended St. James the Lesser church for years – right back to the end of the 19th century (the original church burned to the ground in 1995).  A Mrs. James Wingle was once presdient of the CWL.  James Wingle was ordained in St. James in 1977 and served as an assistant for a spell in the late 70s. 

And, there’s another Eganville connection:  Father Lorne Whalen taught at St. James school and assisted at the church from 1988 to 1990.

Curious how, when it comes to the scandal in the Church,  the charming and picturesque little community of Eganville seems to be in the news.  With a population of 1,300 (surrounding areas included I am told) there can’t be too many secrets in Eganville which stay secret for too long.

Anyone with any information on the outcome of those sordid charges against that young boy please post a comment or send me an email (cornwall@theinquiry.ca)


I now have word that Father Hod Marshall csb used to be around the Columbus Boys Camp in the early to mid 50s. 


I have been trying to get information on the extradition process and the status – or lack thereof – of the process as it relates to Canada’s fugitive Oblate clerical molester, Eric Dejaeger .  I sent off another batch of questions to the Department of Justice today.   Once again it seems that I am wading into top secret territory 🙁  As soon as I have some concrete answers I will pass the information along.     

Enough for now,



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4 Responses to What happened to the charges?

  1. Lina says:

    I have this adult niece. She lives in Pembroke ON now, but Eganville ON is her original home.

    When charges were first brought up against Monsignor Robert Borne, she ask me if I remembered the case of that young boy & what he was doing in the washrooms at St. James Catholic elementary school in Eganville? I did not recall that news story I told her.

    She proceed to tell me that young lad was acting out. The name of this priest Borne was mentioned at one point that he had something to do with that youth. As you said…’Because the charges relate to a minor it is difficult to track this.’

    You need to know that this woman’s maiden name is well connected in the Eganville area. Her family is well known & respected. In her family & relatives have many TEACHERS in the Catholic school system. Her own brother lives in Eganville with his family. He has something to do with the laity & Church board at one time. His son was an alter boy & serve under Borne, thank God he was not a victim of this priest his sister said.

    By the way this woman did not like that Monsignor Robert Borne’s portrait was still hanging on the wall at “Our Lady’s of Lourdes Church” in Pembroke. She thought it was awful because the Alter Servers there had to pass by it every time they went & serve Mass. I do not know if Monsignor Borne’s picture was taken down since my niece told me.

    Did it go to trial? Were the charges dropped? Good Questions you are asking Sylvia.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for that info Lina.

    If anyone has any further information please either post a blog or email me a this email address: cornwall@theinquiry.ca

  3. Sylvia says:

    I am just posting the articles now Reality Checker: http://www.theinquiry.ca/wordpress/charged/jacob-phillip/

    I am sick at heart – just sick at heart. This monster was given safe harbour by Remi de Roo, then Bishop of Victoria, B.C. Jacobs was a known molester – de Roo kindly reintegrated him – parishioners/parents didn’t have a clue their new priest from the USA was a known child molester.

    The charges all relate to the years following Jacobs arrival in Victoria and 2002 when word of Jacobs past got out.

    Surely there must be grounds here for criminal charges against those who twiddled their compassionate and tolerant thumbs while children were placed in harm’s way?

    God forgive me, but I hope those families sue the pants off the diocese AND Remi de Roo for wilfully putting those poor little souls at risk.

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