Interesting developments?

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I was off to the Highland Games yesterday 🙂  I must admit that over the years I  reluctantly became a fan of the pipes and drums.  I used to hate them – now I love them. Lots of great drumming and piping and highland dancing.  The weather was perfect. 


Interesting developments on the mysterious case of Canada’s abdicating bishop…

It looks like Anonymous’ tip of 13 May 2010 was right on.  If the information posted on the blog yesterday is accurate – and I have no reason to doubt it –  Bishop James Wingle has indeed been in the Holy Land.

  31 July 2010: Bishop Wingle letter to Monsignor Kirkpatrick  

After months of silence and mystery, a letter to parishioners from Monsignor Kirkpatrick, administrator of the diocese, from the bishop.  And presumably another from the Bishop himself ! 

TWO “letters” in one day!!!

Two because Monsignor Kirkpatrick actually decided to publicize the personal “letter” he received from Bishop Wingle!

All of this newsy transparency and fan fare comes on the heels of this article – which ran the same day as the letters! :

31 July 2010:  Where on earth is Bishop Wingle?

Assuming the “letters” are fact, does anyone else think this is all passing strange?

(I put “letters” in quotes because it seems to me that the “letter” from Bishop Wingle must in fact be an email.  How else explain that Kirkpatrick’s letter to parishioners and Wingle’s “letter” to Kirkpatrick are dated the same day?)

If these letters are fact, is it sheer happenstance that Wingle dispatched a personal email to Kirkpatirck which Kirkpatrick in turn decided to publicize throughout the diocese the same day the article “Where on earth is Bishop Wingle” ran? 

Before I say more I would really appreciate confirmation of the “letters.”  Could those within the diocese of St. Catharine’s please let me know if the document was indeed read at Sunday Masses and/or posted on bulletin boards? 

I also see that there was a short article in Friday’s Standard which is not accessible right now but is cached.  Here the cached copy:

In search of Bishop James Wingle

Posted By Standard Staff

Posted 37 minutes ago

St. Catharines Standard reporter Grant LaFleche is on his way back to Niagara after a 1,000-km journey in search of Bishop James Wingle, who resigned his post in Niagara April 7 with barely a word. LaFleche visited the Wingle family farm in Eastern Ontario and talked to those closest to the Bishop to get their thoughts on the mysterious resignation that has left Catholics in Niagara puzzled and concerned.Not a word has been heard from Wingle or the Catholic church since his departure but he remains a hero in the small community where he grew up and where some of his family continue to live.

Watch for Grant’s full report in the St. Catharines Standard Saturday.

I see too that there are comments posted on the “Where on earth…”  article.  I will add those now and make note of the addition on New to the Site

Enough for now,



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  1. John says:
    From: CECC / CCCB (
    Sent: July 26, 2010 10:07:04 AM

    Copy of: This is an enquiry e-mail via from:John Mac Donald

    Christine….below are 2 e-mails that I sent to Msgr. Patrick Powers back in May. To date there has been no reply from Msgr. Powers. As you can see in the first e-mail, your name was mentioned to forward the information on to. Could you please get back to me to show reciept of the information.

    ————————————————————– From: john macdonald ( Sent: May 21, 2010 12:39:28 AM

    Msgr. Patrick Powers: It has been a week since I wrote you a letter concerning Bishop Wingle. I was certain that I would have heard back from you by now. Could you please get back to me confirming that Christine Choury was forwarded this information.

    Thank you,
    John Mac Donald _____________________________________________________________

    From: wildcard233@hotmail.comgensec@cccb.caSubject: Bishop WingleDate: Thu, 13 May 2010 19:07:29 -0400

    Msgr. Patrick Powers: In a story written about Bishop Wingle’s resignation from his diocese, there is a Christine Choury (a spokesperson for the CCCB) quoted as saying……..”If you find out where Bishop Wingle is, than tell me.” It seems that the former Bishop Wingle has surfaced in Jeruselam, and is concelebrating mass there. He’s friendly with the Fransiscan’s at the Holy Sepulchre, and may be staying with the Legionaires of Christ just outside of the city. Could you please let Christine Choury know this, and she can send me an e-mail confirming that she has recieved the news of his whereabouts.

    Anticipating a reply,
    John Mac Donald

    The preceding e-mails were sent to Msgr. Patrick Powers (General Secretary) CCCB and to Christine Choury (Communications Director) CCCB.

    As you can see the first e-mail was sent in Mid-May as Christine Choury seemed concerned about Bishop Wingle’s whereabouts. I have followed up on sending these e-mails, but to date have recieved NO reply.

    All of this makes me wonder just what a Director of Communications job description entails.

    John Mac Donald

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