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Some days I get busy on the phone – today was one of those days.  In keeping with my intent however to eventually get further information posted on each and every one of those listed on the Accused page I did manage this evening to finish up and post a new link on the Accused page to Father Robert Kiffman.

Father Kiffman, a priest from the Diocese of Hamilton Ontario, was acquitted in January 1991.  Kiffman, who had spent a number of years as a military chaplain, had apparently assumed the role of Big Brother to a young boy.  The charges related to the boy’s allegations that Kiffman had sexually abused him over a number of years.

 What I am puzzled by is the fact that Kiffman was apparently discharged from the military after an RCMP investigation of some sort was commenced in Halifax Nova Scotia and before the sex abuse charges were laid.  And according to the media reports it was the RCMP who became aware of and approached the boy who was once Kiffman’s  Little Brother.  

Does anyone know any more on this? i.e., what was the RCMP investigation about?  and how in the midst of its Halifax investigation did the RCMP happen upon Kiffman’s Little Brother?

The media coverage which I have is at the bottom of the Kiffman page.  Scroll down to read it.  If anyone can fill any of the gaps on this please contact me or post a comment on the page.  Thanks

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