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Yesterday was shopping and cooking and cleaning day – family coming for the weekend so lots to do.  I didn’t get anything done on the computer – didn’t touch it for the entire day.

However, I decided to get a few odds and ends taken care of before I call it a day…

I have posted a few articles – check “New” to the Site (“New” tab at  right-hand corner of the page.)

Note that the case against Redemptorist priest/teacher Father Raymond-Marie Lavoie is winding its way through the Quebec courts.

21 June 2010:  Priest accused:  Raymond Lavoie back in court

(That’s a rather poor translation – it’s the google bar translation – but it lets us know what we need to now. )

That makes  THREE Canadian teacher-priests from religious orders of priests who are currrently facing criminal charges:  Father William Allen ,    Father William Hodgson Marshall and Father Raymond-Marie Lavoie and ONE, Father Leo Campbell csb,  whose order (the Basilians) is currently a defendant in a law suit  filed by a man alleging childhood sexual abuse at Campbell’s hands.  Four in all – all with allegations related to Catholic boy’s schools.  Disturbing. 


I doubt that I will get anything accomplished on the Site today.  I will check from time to time to ensure there are no problems – will be back Sunday evening. 

Enjoy the weekend :). 

Enough for now,



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