The hunter

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I have a copy of the 2002 outstanding warrant for Father Eric Dejaeger’s arrest.  I am getting it ready to post – should have that taken care of by tomorrow.

I have also learned that the extradition process must be initiated by Canadian authorities.  I am told by reliable sources that things are happening.  Tomorrow I plan to make a few more phone calls on the matter.

By the way, I am told that the English translation of Dejaeger is “the hunter.” Apropos?  BUT, perhaps the hunter has become the hunted? 

We shall see….


I did a fair bit of updating on the Father Leo Campbell csb page.  There are still things which need to be sorted out.  I have feelers out on some – will update and make note of the updates as I get clarification. Any help would be appreciated.  Contact me at

I see that Father Campbell “ministered” at Columbus Boy’s Camp.  I looked up the camp have concluded that this must be the camp which once operated on Lake Simcoe, funded by the Knights of Columbus and, according to one website “staffed by senior high school students from various schools run by the Basilian Fathers.”  It was apparently a camp for “underprivileged children” which catered to boys as young as nine.  About two years ago the camp was renamed “Four Winds” – a little note about the camp can be found here in Toronto’s Holy Rosary Church March 2008 bulletin:  (Holy Rosary is a Basilian-operated church, and, in fact, is the church at which Father Leo Campbell was serving before his untimely death.)

I have no idea when Campbell “ministered” at the camp.  I am now wondering if perhaps  not only Campbell but perhaps also Fathers Hod Marshall and Robert Whyte  “ministered” at the camp?  The trio seem to have trod to and fro in each others footsteps – it wouldn’t surprise me at all.  Does anyone have any information?

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