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A few quick comments: 

(1)  I have added a few dates and a picture to the Monsignor Robert Borne page.  Borne is scheduled to appear in court today.  I believe the judge will render a decision as to whether or not he deems there is sufficient evidence to proceed to trial. 

(2)  Father William Hodgson Marshall has a court date in Windsor today. 

(3)  I hear via the rumour mill that Father Lucien Lussier has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Quebec.  Can anyone confirm or deny? 

And speaking of Lussier, does anyone know what is happening with his sex abuse trial?   Is it still working toward trial?  Seems to me it’s been ages since we heard a single word about it. 

I just checked –  charges were laid September 2007!  That’s nearly three years ago!! 

(4)  I am told that Father William Allen coached wrestling  at St. Pius X.  I am told he also gave private wrestling lessons. 

Also note that I have corrected the entries for 1972-74.  It seems that while Father Allen was indeed Pastor – or at least the priest in charge – at St. Monica’s, he was still teaching at Pius X.  (Apparently for a number of years St. Monica’s was administered by a team of priests from St. Pius X.   While Allen is listed as the priest in charge the essential pastoral duties would have been shared by the other Pius X teachers. )

Note too the entry for 1975-1976. 

Allen spent one year at Resurrection of Our Lord.  Why?  Why out of the blue would Archbishop Plourde pluck Allen out of the school and pop him into a parish?  For ONE year?

Who filled in for Allen at Pius X I wonder while Allen filled in at Resurrection? Another priest from the diocese?  One who would have been quite capable of filling in at Resurrection? 

Surely there were other clergy in the diocese equally if not more qualified than Allen to administer a parish?  Allen’s expertise was presumably teaching at Pius X.  Why the decision to pull him out of the school and away from the students for a year? 

(5)  I have an excellent article on Monsignor Bernard Prince which was published in the July 2000 edition of Catholic World Report.  Excellent research.   Very informative.  I will scan and post it later today. 

(6)  Just FYI, I happened to notice today that Joseph Windle, the former bishop of Pembroke, Ontario (1969-1997), was off in Rome studying Canon Law at the same time as John Beahen  the former auxiliary bishop of Ottawa (1977-1988).  Both were in Rome 1950-1953. 

(7)  There is still some sort of issue with posting comments.  Some are getting through and others not.  I will phone “Ma” Bell today. 

(8) Remember the complainants who have been waiting for this court date today.  Keep them in your prayers. 

(9)  I will try to keep an eye throughout the day on reports on the outcome of both court appearances, however, if I get busy it is easy to miss.  Please post a link to any media coverage, or send it directly to me at cornwall@theinquiry.ca.  Thanks.

Enough for now, 


(contact me at cornwall@theinquiry.ca)

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