Any news?

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I have posted the Prince article I mentioned. 

July 2010:   The Story of Bernard Prince

Actually I have just re-posted it.  The first scan wasn’t very good so I decided to re-do it.


I have been checking the Windsor and Pembroke papers and radio for the outcome of the Father Hod Marshall and Monsignor Robert Borne court ‘appearances.’  Nothing as yet.  Has anyone got news on either?

Enough for now,



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16 Responses to Any news?

  1. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for the link Ceilidhe

    Eighteen charges have been whittled down to four? And five complainants have been reduced to two?

    And pre-trial in September?

    At this rate come September there will be no charges and no complainants.

    What’s going on?

    I thought a decision had been made to forego pre-trial? This isn’t making sense. I am hoping there is clarification in tomorrow’s papers.

  2. Lina says:

    I am upset with the news about Monsignor Robert Borne. I had this sick feeling this might happened. In September he may get off and business as usual. I do not know what happened but I do not blame the victims. Deals were made and we will may never know.

    In my opinion, Monsignor Robert Borne is very powerful. You just have to look at his resume. Sylvia, it may be as simple he just knows too much what is going on the inside of the Pembroke Diocese. In other words, he must know damaging facts that can hurt the Diocese.

    Good day for Monsignor Robert Borne but a sad day for all victims of clergy abuse. The RCC won this round.

  3. Sylvia says:

    The word on Hod Marshall is that his court session was over in the twinkle of an eye. I have been told that the case has been put over to 28 July 2010 to consolidate charges. There should be more detail in the news today.

  4. Julie says:

    While it is disappointing about Monsignor Borne’s case, it isn’t surprising. There are many reasons that charges are withdrawn or dismissed that have absolutely nothing to do with “innocence.” It can be as simple as the victim had the approximate dates incorrect and he was able to counter those times. It could be that the victims saw the long path ahead and didn’t push to pursue.

    I have contact with a woman in the area that told me that he was telling people that it was “all going to go away” yesterday so thankfully that didn’t happen. I just pray for the victims to have strength because this path is anything but easy.

    I had contact with him when I was younger and I know we’ve had suspicions about his relationship with teen males that we knew. While I hope they were not victimized I still fear very much they were and if so, I hope they are able to come forward.

  5. Lina says:

    I’m not surprise about what you said Julie in your post. I’m from the original parish Monsignor Borne is from. I do pray for the victims & yes their path is not easy.

    I saw Monsignor Borne in a store talking to a female while they were in line, going towards a cashier.

    My husband was waiting in the car for me. I told him Monsignor Borne was in the store & he looked good(fit & trim). He was smiling, laughing & was radiating so much confidence. He look like he had not a care in the world or even then he knew it “all going to go away” eventually.

    I pray for the victims. Maybe this Borne case may give strength for more victims to come forward.

    This is a setback but I hope it is only a temperately one.

  6. Tony O'Riordan says:

    So the charges were dropped-I presume because of a lack of
    sufficient evidence. Are we not called to assume that Mgr.Borne is innocent until proved guilty? This has not happened. Your prayers go to the “victims”- my prayers will
    go for Mgr, Borne.

  7. Sylvia says:

    That’s good Tony. Without doubt Msgr. Borne is in need of your prayers. You pray for him and I will continue to pray and ask for prayers for the “victims” – experience tells me that there is no shortage of prayers and Masses offered for clergy who have been accused and few if any for their “alleged” victims.

    You say you presume the charges were dropped for lack of sufficient evidence. Yes. That’s probably quite true. And as you probably know lack of sufficient evidence can run the gamut from an incompetent Crown, and/or a cunning and zealous but unethical defence (dovetails with the former), and/or a biased judge, and/or police incompetence, and/or a naive and ill-prepared witness.

    No, “we” are not called to assume Msgr. Borne is innocent. He was charged, was he not? Why charge a man who presumably enjoys the presumption of innocence? And how could the law possibly demand that victims and their families must presume their molester is innocent until proven guilty?

    Borne is to be presumed innocent by the judiciary until such time as he either enters a guilty plea, is found guilty, or is acquitted.

    No matter, I have never said that Borne is guilty, have I? Neither have I said that he is innocent. For that I will await the verdict and pray that justice is done. Meanwhile I will continue to pray for his “alleged” victims and trust that you and a multitude of others will continue to say prayers and offer Masses for him.

  8. Lina says:

    Sylvia, I agree with all you said to Tony O’Riordan!

  9. prima facie says:

    I too agree with your comments/replies Sylvia.
    And this is what is so positive about your website. People from all walks are encouraged to interact, debate and support whomever they wish to. We can agree, disagree or remain indifferent.

    Even if we are “yet again” at the old “innocent until proven guilty” theme, being offerred by some……my, my, my….how many times have we heard this? BUT, the facts are the facts, regardless of how “the system” paints the picture; the facts are the facts, despite how people in denial would like us to think; the facts are the facts, despite how the lawyers manipulate them “for the supposed greater good”; the facts are the facts, despite surrogates for the accused asserting the opposite, attempting to coerce and influence our beliefs and opinions; the facts are the facts, despite the shame, guilt, fear, anger, etc. many victims experience or other defence mechanism that “pops up”, blinding them/us from seeing and/or disclosing the truth; the facts are the facts……and every victim, alleged victim, family member of a victim or friends of victims and survivors…..lives their entire lives….carrying these facts around with them/us like an unwanted scar…sometimes our behaviours and reactions are really…a movie screen, depicting the pain and suffering being experienced-but not acknowledged or understood.
    As written by many informed and well positioned professionals lately, “our judicial system requires a great change”.
    I am so pleased to see more people willing to risk and “speak out”.
    I read where people are finding courage to speak out….”one step at a time” and understanding that many people will try to influence them or to “silence them”.
    Accepting that “we” must take that “giant leap”, grasping onto and running with the courage to the endzone, is not easy. Hold on to that courage and don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise. All the money in the world cannot help or change, “in me or you”….what is truly “the foundation of me and you”…Only you/I truly know what we must do…find it.
    I take time, sit by water,…I listen…I feel…me….I listen… me…I know what must be told….I know what must be heard…..I do not let anyone coerce me; I do not let anyone misrepresent themselves to me, I do not accept false prophets….I do not let anyone lie to me……because when the skies clear, I will see better.

    So, someone may say they feel the same way but about the “accused”. My reply is: It is very, very simple: In a public forum or under public scrutiny; 1)get to court or mediation, 2)interact with your accusor face to face,
    3)listen to the allegations and answer truthfully to follow-ups, rebuttal and ask your own questions, 4)be willing to accept positive or negative consequences, 5)if guilty of the allegations, admit to them and move on, 6)If allegations are lies, then you are publicly vindicated….oh, and leave the lawyers “out”. Because of an already established timetable, often abused by lawyers and justice, this can be over in weeks or a few months…..Yes folks, weeks and/or a few months… why the drag-out….you figure it out.

  10. TH says:

    Today (16 July) I telephoned the Windsor Police Department and spoke with the Victim/Witness Assistance Office (or whatever the true title is). I was informed that that office had information pertaining to ONLY THREE complainants and charges (one of which is me).
    However, it must be remembered that PERHAPS there are other complainants and charges in other cities, and that any other non-Windsor charges have to be combined with the Windsor charges.
    Perhaps in a week or so there will be further details, but, TO ONE AND ALL, keep doing whatever you possibly can to find out ALL details regarding the case against Marshall.

  11. Sylvia says:

    I tried yesterday and today to get through to the proper office in the courthouse to clarify what’s happening on the 28th. I gave up in frustration after bouncing around from one number to another, or getting a number which just rang and rang. I will try again on Monday.

  12. Sylvia says:

    Good points prima facia (post 11). And true enough, why not get in there and get it over and done with? If an innocent man is falsely accused, why not push to get the trial underway as quickly as is humany possible?

  13. Marie Morris says:

    Whether he is charged or not for sexual abuse for every case, the point is that Mr. Borne used his position of trust to be with these boys in a sexual way. There is no doubt in anyone’s minds that he is gay, but did he abuse his position, were these relationships of consenting adults? (over 17)?

  14. Lina says:

    As far as I am concerned, Catholic priests should not have any sexual contact with young folks period.

    Priest should remain celibate. They know the rules. I am not saying this is right or wrong but there is a difference if a priest has a sexual liaison with a mature person even if it is with another priest.

    Playing this game of the age of consent on those on borderline age or little above is baloney. Priests should know better. I am tired of people blaming the victims. Yes, I agree Borne has a right to his day in court. By the way…how do you know Marie Morris this priest is gay?


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