Canonical latitude for clerical paedophiles?

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I decided it would be timely to post a commentary on the Code of Canon Law as it relates to clercial sexual abuse.  I am just now finalizing the text and should have it posted within the next hour.

The  commenatary (The Canon Law Letter & Spirit) was published in 1995.  Section 1395.2 is a disturbing read.  I believe the text speaks for itself. 

I get the impression that “Ephebophilia” was not yet on the canonical radar screen.  But my goodness doesn;t it look like a worold of latitude for clerical paedophiles? Look at this   

Those who have studied this matter in detail have concluded that proven paedophiles are often subject to urges and impulses which are in effect beyond their control.2


When the facts of a particular case are examined carefully, it may well emerge that the cleric did indeed commit a sexual offence, or a number of them, with a minor; as such, he may be liable to punishment by the criminal law of the State; nevertheless, because of the influence of paedophilia, he may not be liable, by reason of at least diminished imputability, to any canonical penalty, or perhaps to only a mild penalty, to a formal warning or reproof, or to a penal remedy.

Keep an eye on New to the Site (The New tab on the top right of the page).  As soon as I have it posted I will make note of the posting.

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