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One article added, this from the Houston Chronicle re charges against Father William Hodgson Marshall (Hod Marshall)

21 June 2010:  Ex priest charged in Canada boy’s sex abuse

I have added the following to the Accused page

(1)  A link to a page for Father Joseph Azaire Edmond Gauthier

This one goes to proof that clergy do indeed “share”  their unfortunate victims, in this instance Father Morris Albert Bonneville molested a young lad and then passed on the word to his predatory peer, Gauthier.   Note the following from one of the news reports:

Court heard Bonneville was also involved in a sexual relationship with the complainant and told Gauthier: “He’s better in bed than he is in his books.”

(2) A link to a page for Monsignor Martin Wain

Martin Wain is another predatory Roman Catholic canon lawyer. 

When a warrant was issued for Wain’s arrest James Doyle, then Bishop of Peterborough, Ontario,  had Wain tucked away out of sight.  Wain often spent time at Doyle’s cottage.  After Doyle’s December 2002  retirement he, Doyle, lived with Wain in Wain’s Ottawa, Ontario apartment.   In April 2004 Doyle was found floating in the whirlpool face-down, dead.  Doyle had allegedly suffered  a heart attack and fallen in.  The story goes that he was found by Wain.

You will note too that some of the abuse perpetrated by Wain transpired at the bishop’s palace in Peterborough.

Note too the lies which Wain used to confuse and silence his victim:

Rev. Martin Wain, 45, a church monsignor and former pastor at St. Paul’s Church in nearby Lakefield, Ont., told the boy he was having an affair with the boy’s mother, provincial court court was told.

   Crown attorney Harry Carleton said the boy was told by Wain that he and his mother wanted to get rid of his father so Wain could quit the priesthood and get married.

   Wain also told the boy he had power to get his father fired from his job, and claimed the boy’s family owed $30,000 to the church.


For the sexual abuse, and the lies?  18 months!

I will, as I said before, continue to round up and post the articles I have on each of those named under “Accused.”  

And a reminder that if anyone has information on a Canadian priest who has been charged, sued or publicly accused whose name is not on the list please contact me at   Ditto any further information on the outcome of charges.

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