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Things on Sylvia’s Site are fixed 🙂  The “New” tab at the top of the page is now on the far left, – that is probably a more convenient location so for now I will leave it there. 

Now I can carry on with other things.  Such a relief.  Later today I hope to upgrade my blog software now – if all goes well I will gain a new and more functional “theme” in the process.


We just had an earthquake.  A real honest to goodness earthquake.  The house shook like mad – the china cabinet was tingling and clanging like mad.  Pictures on the walls are a bit skewered.  The noise was unbelievable.  I’d say it lasted about a minute.  A bit scary.   But, the house and all in it is intact.  I am listening to the radio to find out what happened.  So far the word is that a 5.5 quake hit with epicentre in Cumberland – impact throughout areas of Quebec and Eastern Ontario.  I don’t know yet if there any injuries or serious structural damage anywhere, but I must say I have never experienced anything like that.  In the past we’ve been hit with tremors, but not the whole house jumping up and down.

I pray that there are no serious injuries.

Enough for now,



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