He should be charged

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And here`s a few more articles which I wanted to get posted:

21 June 2010:  Walter Mixa, German bishop and ally of the Pope, faces new child abuse allegations

21 June 2010:  Cardinal denies corruption allegations

21 June 2010: Ex priest pleads not guilty to Calif. sex charges 

21 June 2010:  Australian bishop presses colleague to answer ‘cover-up’ charges

18 June 2010:  Ex priest indicted on sex abuse trial in Italy 

18 June 2010:  Eminent Italian ex-priest to stand trial for abuse

The matter of Germany`s Bishop Walter Mixa is becoming increasingly convoluted.  First Mixa was accused of physical abuse: he tendered his resignation.  Then he was accused of sexual abuse.  His resignation was accepted.  Then after a one week investigation prosecutors cleared Mixaof the sex abuse allegations.  Then Mixa alleged he had been forced by fellow bishops to tender his resignation.  Then Mixa announced he wanted his `job`back as bishop.  Now there is word that a Vatican investigation concluded that not only has Mixa alcohol problems but that he has been preying on and, by the sound of some articles,sexually harassing and/abusing seminarians. 

The secular investigation was unable to find evidence to charge the man?

The first obvious question here is:  how did the secular investigation fail to uncover  the damning information unearthed by the Vatican?

The other obvious question is: why a mere one week investigation?

In this instance it seems that the Vatican investigators did their job and the secular investigators fell short. 

 Perhaps Church officials failed to co-operate? or perhaps Mixa has friends in the right places in Germany?

It seems odd does it not?  I don`t know the criminal code of Germany but I`m sure there must be laws on the books prohibiting sexual assault of young males, and/or sexual harassment.

Anyway, in this one case I will say good for the Vatican.  Vatican officials allegedly have information proving Mixa is unfit to serve as bishop and he will not be permitted to regain his seat. 

In light of this news will the secular investigation be re-opened? If the bishop was sexually terrorizing young seminarians he should be charged.

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