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I tried posting these new links last night – no luck.  Everything disappeared.  This morning it seems to be co-operative. 

 The last two links are to articles which were posted before and noted on 16 June.  Yesterday I was told the links were inoperative – when I check I discovered that everything had disappeared, it wasn’t just a broken link, the articles were gone!  So, they are re-done.  Here then are the links to new posts and the two which have been re-done:

17 June 2010:  LaCrosse diocese’s policy on sex abuse cases criticized

18 June 2010:  Parting Gift…or Papal Gaffe?” & “Vatican absolves archbishop accused of sexual molestation 

17 June 2010:  Pope meets with head of scandal-tainted Legion

17 June 2010:  Disgraced German Bishop stirs messy Catholic row

16 June 2010:  Clamping down on abusers: A Divine Sense of Duty

16 June 2010:  Bishop says he was pressured into resignation

Last night I had also attempted to post two articles on current speculation and rumour in Catholic circles that Canada’s Cardinal Marc Ouellet will be the next Prefect for the Congregation of Bishops.  No luck with that!  Suddenly I could no longer post a blog – try as I might the text just vanished into never-never land.

Now it looks as though I can achieve success.  I have a busy few hours ahead of me and company coming so for now will just give the link to one of those two articles:

I just did a quick search and I see that Canada’s mainstream media has picked up the “rumour”:–marc-cardinal-ouellet-rumoured-for-vatican-post

And yes, for those who wonder, that is indeed the same Cardinal Ouellet whose brother was charged in 2008 after a very prolonged four year investigation:

Now that I think of it, does anyone know the outcome of the trial?  or if. for that matter, it even went to trial?

Any thoughts on speculation that Cardinal Ouellet is headed for the Vatican?

I have concerns that, in light of the sex abuse charges against his brother,  there may be a high sympathy factor for clerical molesters.  Maybe not, but that we certainly do not need, at least not the all too familiar kind of sympathy which we’ve seen more than enough of to date – the kind that translates into tolerance for sexual predators which wilfully puts children at risk and allows those predators wearing the collar second chances, the kind of sympathy which sees the “rights” of sexual predators invariably trump the rights of children .

Must run.  I will keep an eye on things throughout the day but it is doubtful I will get any articles posted – until my webhost’s servers and whatever are up and running properly it is a bit of a headache to an article up when I am squeezed for time :(. 

Enough for now


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