The masses are not amused

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Three new articles posted re the costs of the Cornwall Public Inquiry.  I put the Ottawa Sun and Toronto Sun articles together.

17 June 2010:  Cornwall inquiry cost pegged at $50 million: report

17 June 2010:  Cornwall pedophile inquiry cost $5o million

There’s nothing new in the articles, but between these and the ones on the CBC article there are some passionate blogs. The masses are not amused.


I think I have brought the Father Gerald Keindel CSsR page up to date.  If I missed anything please let me know. Also if anyone can clarify any of the discrepancies in his whereabouts in various years please post a comment or send me an email (


People are using two threads to blog on Father Hod Marshall.  The comments are informative – be sure therefore to bookmark and keep an eye on both threads for new comments. If you forget where to look, check at the top of the Hod Marshall page. I have made note there of where both links are, one at the bottom of the Hod Marshall page, the other at the bottom of the Blog: Serious case of cover-up and recycling?  

As soon as I finish this blog I will add the police contact information to the Hod Marshall page.  That way it should always be easy to find for those who need it. 


I still have trouble with my control panel – I think this may take a while to iron out.  Meanwhile  I can cut corners and get by. 

Enough for now,


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  1. prima facie says:

    Sylvia: It appears to me that the Standard-Freeholder and Ottawa Sun (CanWest) have taken down the articles about the inquiry and 50 million.
    Why do you think they did this? I cannot even get it when I scroll down to the specific day it was published. Other news articles for that day are still accessible?

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