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I think the email problem is close to resolution. I  spent some time working on it yesterday.

 It turns out there is nothing sinister.   I had set up a program to automatically backup the site twice daily, and then email me a copies of the backups. 

 Sylvia’s Site and together are massive – even, it seems, when the files are compressed.  

The backups seem to be the culprit.

I have now disabled the backup program – I will find another way to handle that (my webhost does regular backups but I thought it would be good to have them daily and on hand)

Oh what I would give some days to be literate in html and all things high tech.  Such headaches!

Anyway, I think the problem is either resolved or one very small step from resolution.  There may still be one more backup lurking in cyberspace which could cause headaches  – if yes it will need to get into my mailbox before things are cleared completely.   However, I just sent out several test emails from my personal email – they made it through – none were bounced.

I’m crossing my fingers.  Please test it for me:


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