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I am going to do quick blog because this is a rather strange situation.

Several weeks ago I passed on word that Bishop Luc Bouchard(St. Paul, Alberta) had had a stroke.  I haven’t given an update, but the word was that it was minor and he was recovering.  He had been transferred to a rehab centre – receiving physiotherapy and doing well.  It sounds as though the only residual damage may be an ever so slight limp.

For some time people were being told that Bouchard would be in the rehab centre until 30 June ’10.  There was no talk or indication of a prolonged recovery beyond that.  The assumption seemed to be that he would be back to ‘work.’

Not so.  Seems that Bishop Bouchard will be gone from the diocese and from the Alberta for four months.  Yes, four months.

As I understand it a letter arrived from the Nuncio and the bishop was out of the rehab centre and over to the diocesan centre in a flash.  I am told that plans were quickly made for administrators to look after things from July to October inclusive.  It seems that no one had an inkling that the bishop’s recovery would extend a full four months beyond end June.

As I understand it, Bishop Bouchard is still present in the diocese and will be leaving at the end of the month.

Here is the letter he dispatched.

Is it just me or is it a little unusual to send a memo like this to family and friends? I personally would call family members and close friends to tell them – I wouldn’t be sending them memos.  Perhaps that’s just me.  Perhaps if I had a massively huge family and countless friends I would send a memo?

Did Bouchard’s family in friends in Cornwall Ontario get a memo?

Perhaps they did indeed. Stranger things I suppose have happened.

Anyway,there it is.   Bishop Bouchard is obviously recovering very well.  According to him he is 90% back to normal.  Another four months should fix up the remaining 10%



The comments on Father William Hodgson Marshall (Hod Marshall) are sort of all over the place.  There are two threads with a number of comments.

There is a new comment posted today right down at the bottom of the Hod Marshall page  I don’t want people who are following on the other thread to miss it.

The other comments are under a blog `Serious case of cover-up and recycling` There is a link to it on the Hod Marshall page. Here is the link:

Try to keep the comments  together – it makes it much easier to follow.  Since the new thread opened up on the 21 May 2010 page Serious case of cover-up and recyling I suggest it is best to stick with one.  I have put a link to it right at the top of the Marshall page so hopefully it will be easy for all to find.

Enough for now,


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