Watching the sorry saga unfold

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Some of you may have notices that Sylvia’s site was down for a spell today.  Even I could not access it.  It is up and running again but will  be down for a few hours late this evening or early tomorrow am.  My webhost is upgrading his server hardware.  Starting at 4:00 AM EDT / 8:00 AM GMT on Wednesday, June 10, 2010, server hardware will be upgraded. The process will take 2-4 hours, during which time Sylvia’s Site and  will be unreachable.

Iprobably  won’t even try to post information until this process is completed – too many headaches when it disappears on me half way through a posting.  All should be in order tomorrow morning (my time – EST) The canon lawyer info will have to hold until then.

I did manage to update the info on the Father William Hodgson Marshall page this morning and added a few new pictures:

(1) 1955 – Father Hod Marshall at Assumption College school  in Windsor;

(2) 1955:   Crusader Yearbook 1954-55 

(3) 1953:  Father Marshall in Toronto’s  St. Michael’s College School yearbooks

I am intrigued to see that Marshall’s early hopping about  from St. Michael’s College School in Toronto, to Assumption in Windsor, possibly to Houston Texas, and  to St. Thomas More college in Saskatoon would have transpired under the watchfull eye of George Bernard Flahiff osb.

Flahiff was Superior General of the Basilians from 1954 to 1960.  He went on to become the Cardinal Archbishop of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Vice President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) from 1961-1963 and CCCB President from 1963-1965.

Flahiff was a member of the influential and politically-well-connected group of Canadian Bishops who  dubbed themselves the Gang of Five .  His four confreres were Joseph-Aurle Plourde (Alexandria-Cornwall and Ottawa), Philip Francis Pocock (Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Toronto), and the Carter brothers (Cardinals Emmett and Alexander).  Emmett Carter was bishop of London Ontario then Cardinal Archbishop of Toronto.  Alexander Carter was bishop of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Was Flahiff shuttling Basilian molesters from school to school and diocese to diocese?

I have not the faintest notion, but it has that look – I am definitely watching with great interest as this sorry saga of the basketball coach unfolds.


Is there anyone from Nunavut or the North West Territories following this site?  I would like to get in touch with someone regarding Father Eric Dejaegeromi.  If yes, please email me at

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