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I’ve added some more info about Father George Smith.  I find it strange that there is no reference whatever to him in the 1995-1998 Canadian Catholic Church directories. 

However,  according to at least one news report he was” transferred”  to Charlottetown in 1994.  If that’s the case he must have gone to PEI right after a short spell in Benoit’s Cove? 

Did something perhaps happen while he was in Benoit’s Cove which initiated his exodus from Newfoundland?  Did allegations of sex abuse arise while he was in Benoit’s Cove?  either from there, or elsewhere?

 I see too that. according to the CCCD, in or by 1998 Father George Smith was incardinated in the Diocese of Charlottetown PEI. 


I am on the run again today.  Will take another look at this this evening.

Enough for now,


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  1. Reality Checker says:

    Hi Sylvia

    Making sure you don’t miss today’s Toronto Star article re: Kneale and Sylvestre….–sex-abuse-victims-say-church-is-still-tenaciously-fighting-claims

  2. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for that Reality Checker. I would have missed it.

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