Lots of tap dancing already

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Another one.

What a small small world….

Sex abuse allegations against Father George Smith, priest of the diocese of St. George, Newfoundland (former seat of alleged clerical sexual predator Bishop Raymond Lahey who goes to trial on child porn charges next year),  currently serving in the Diocese of Charlottetown PEI where  Richard Grecco, brother of convicted  clerical molester-ex-priest Don Grecco,  is bishop.

I did a quick look up on Father George Smith earlier yesterday before I had to head out.  I see that in 1993 he was listed in the Catholic directory as “On leave.” I’ll look a little further later today – will be gone most of the day but should be able to get at it in the evening.

The whole thing has the awful stench of “recycling.  ”

And “they” got caught. Again.

Seems too that no one bothered to report the allegations to police .  According to Bishop Doug Crosby (St. George NFLD)  they’re doing their own ‘internal’ investigation in the diocese to determine if the allegations are substantive.

Lots of tap dancing already and no doubt more to come.

Does anyone know why Father George Smith was “on leave” in the early 90s?

And does anyone know if it was Bishop Richard Grecco who pulled Smith out of ‘retirement’ to serve in a PEI parish ?  Grecco hasn’t been in PEI too long (July 2009) , but I think long enough to be responsible for the decision to put an “alleged” molester back into a parish?

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