Serious case of cover-up and recycling?

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Another Canadian priest has been charged. 89-year-old William Hodgson Marshall, a Basilian priest, has been charged with sexual abuse related to an incident in a Windsor school in the 80s.

I want to draw this one to people’s attention because, as you can see by the info I posted, Marshall’s service was not restricted to Windsor Ontario.  I did a bit of checking and see he spent time at St. Thomas More College in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, St. Charles College, Sudbury Ontario,  and St. Mary’s College in Sault Ste Marie Ontario. 

According to Church directories Marshall was “out of the country” from 1991-1997.  Seems that’s when he was doing “missionary” work in St. Lucia.

Note the comment posted by “anonymous” at the bottom of the Province article (on the Father Marshall page):

 I hope it was just the Star getting it wrong and not the police. He wasn’t even in Windsor from 1981-1985. He was busy abusing boys in Sault St. Marie. He came to Windsor for the ‘85-’86 school year. That was when he started abusing in Windsor – not 1981-1985. Before the Sault he was abusing in Sudbury.  

Moved to St. Lucia for missionary work did he?? That wasn’t all he was doing down there. He got kicked out of the country for a REASON and never EVER returned even once for a visit.

Sound remotely like another serious case of cover-up and recycling?

Anyway, congratulations to the man who summoned the courage to come forward.  I encourage others with allegations against Marshall to contact the police. Let justice be done.

I wonder if police in St. Lucia have been notified?  Seems to me it would be the right and proper thing to do. If there are victims here there will invariably be victims there.  

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14 Responses to Serious case of cover-up and recycling?

  1. TH says:

    I was a victim of this man in the years l954-55 at Assumption HS in Windsor. I cannot believe that there were no others. If anyone knows of any other victims, please advise them of the current charges in Windsor.

  2. TH says:

    Forgot to mention that Marshall left Assumption HS in l955 or 1956 and was transferred (to the best of my knowledge) to a Basilian High School in Texas.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Does anyone know anything about Hod Marshall teaching in Texas some time in the mid to late 50s? If yes, where in Texas?

  4. Sorry I Can't Say says:

    TH – Hod indeed was sent to Houston. He wasn’t sent to teach but for “treatment and recovery” though they did indeed have a school (St. Thomas) there and he likely did teach as that was the cover for all the religious sent there. I don’t have the dates but I will get them. He left ACS after the ’55/56 year.

    You and I should talk. We have some things in common even though my days of purple and white are thirty years removed from yours.

    As for notifying other victims. I’ve been working hard on that for two years. The results only now are rising to the surface. I’m not done either.

  5. Sylvia says:

    This seems to be developing into a thread for Father William Hodgson Marshall (Hod Marshall) comments. I suggest that those with input regarding Marshall post their comments here to keep them together. In thast vein I am putting a link to a comment by “former student” posted elsewhere here

  6. Sylvia says:

    The early Toronto years of William Hodgson Marshall CSB are falling into place.

    I have a couple of pictures to post which are from the 1955 Windsor Assumption College High School yearbook (that apparently covers the school year 1954-1955).

    Meanwhile I discovered the Toronto St. Michael’s College School yearbooks online. As of 1951 the yearbook is called the Tower. Pre ’51 it is the Thurible)

    Hod Marshall taught at St. Michael’s College School from 1950 to 1954. He taught Math and coached football and/or basketball teams each year.

    He is in the 1950 yearbook (St. Michael’s Tower Thurible) – was obviously teaching at the school before his ordination in 1951. He is referred to as MR. H. Marshall

    He’s not in the 1955 edition of the Tower.

    Am I right in concluding that this means he left St. Michael’s at the end of the 1953-54 school year and started at Assumption in Windsor in the Fall of 1954? That’s what it looks like to me.

    Why I wonder did he leave Toronto? He was doing such a great job coaching, why not keep him there for school spirit and to lead the school teams to victory?

    The St. Michael’s yearbooks can be browsed online at:

    Pick the year, then pick the viewing format on the left of the screen. All formats are searchable – there are quite a few pictures scattered throughout of “alleged” clerical sexual predator Hod Marshall.

  7. Sylvia says:

    A comment posted 11 June 2010 – I will put the link in here so it doesn’t get missed:

  8. Dee Emm says:

    I was a victom of this person in Windsor in 1986 at the transitional grade school St Hubert’s. His one on one meetings started after the first month of the school year and his abuse started soon after until late in the second or third month of 1987. I have reported his abuse earlier this month to the authorities. I lost faith with the Church and left Holy Names after that one year to a Public HS. I hate to say this I should have escalated this more to my parents and the authorities at the time yet embarassment and confusion was constant. I will not call him Father ‘Hod’ Marshall, I refered to him to my best friend as Father ‘Hog’ Marshall as he is just that a dirty animal and deserves what comes to him.

  9. TH says:

    If any other of Marshall’s victims are interested (and I hope they are) in providing their info to the Windsor Police, the officer in charge is Officer Gaston Levesque in the Special Victims Branch. I have provided him with a completely detailed statement and told him that I will be a willing witness should the matter come to trial. His telephone number is: 519-255-6700 (Ext. 4310). There is NOTHING to be embarassed or ashamed about!!

    [Note from Sylvia: This comment was actually posted at 5:03 pm 16 June 2010. It got lost when my webhost’s server crashed. I have reposted the copy I had filed)

  10. Sorry I Can't Say says:

    One thing everyone should keep in mind is that you need not be a victim of this man to have information about him. I’m no police officer but I would think ANY information about him and his activities should be reported at this point. Let the police decide what is relevant to their investigation and what is not.

    If you were at one of his schools and he “was creepy”, or “everybody knew”, or he liked be all “touchy feely” on you, or if you knew a victim, come forward and tell what you know. If he just “happened” to drop into the change rooms every day at end of class ………. let it be known! I never once in my life saw a principal in the change rooms – EVER.

    I’ve given my statement and I’ll give it in court if I have to. What about you?

  11. Sylvia says:

    NB: Those with relevant information about or allegations against Father Hod Marshall please contact Officer Gaston Levesque Windsor Police, Special Victims Branch with the Windsor police at this number:

    519-255-6700 (Ext. 4310)

  12. TH says:

    Hi Sylvia: Have you heard from or about any victims of Hod Marshall’s when he was in Texas or St.Lucia? I am wondering how many complainants in total have come forward with their tales of abuse. Thanks.

  13. Sylvia says:

    No TH, I have no idea how many complainants have come forward, nor do I have any info re allegations in Texas or St. Lucia. I trust/hope we will get an idea of that on 14 July?

  14. J says:

    I just now reviewed and printed the picture of the bantam basketball team. I am in that photo and at least one other individual in that photo is a victim as well.

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