Heads don’t roll in Canada

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I finally got another segment of the Father Lorne Whalen saga posted.  As you can see I have transferred the relevant documents to a new page.

I will carry on with this awful saga 🙁  

To be quite frank, there are moments in time when I just plain find this emotionally draining.  For the past few days I have been overwhelmed by the extent of the cover-up here in Canada.  True enough, I knew it before.  I have had these files for years and have talked to countless people across the country over those years.  But sometimes there is knowing and KNOWING.  Do you know what I mean?  Sometimes something you have known for ages suddenly hits in a new way.  And that’s where I’ve been. 

How could this possibly have happened?  How could well-educated ‘men of God’ protect sexual predators?  Why?

How could they possibly not know that they were putting children at risk? 

How could they possibly believe that clerical sexual predators  are capable of providing sound spiritual guidance and helping others attain their salvation?

How could they so wilfully deceive the faithful when they assign or permit a known molester to serve in a parish? or hospital? or old people’s home? or convent? or seminary?

How can they good conscience dare to say these predators are priests “in good standing”?

Look at the list of “Accused” in Canada to date.  Time and again there was prior knowledge.  And time and again nothing done.

And that is just a partial list of those priests who are publicly known as sexual predators.  There are lots more. 

Heads don’t roll in Canada. 

Sorry.  Not quite true.  Some heads do roll.  Perry Dunlop’s head rolled, didn’t it?  Not Father Charlie’s.  Not Larocque’s.  Not Jacque Leduc’s.

The only head to roll was Perry’s.


A comment I must make on a news article posted yesterday.Its been gnawing away at me since I read and posted it:

19 May 2010:  Belgian bishops apologise 

Note the Belgian bishops apology includes the following line:

‘We recognise that church officials have not sufficiently taken into account the effect of sexual abuse on minors.’

Does this mean that it would be business as usual and  all would be fine and dandy if the sexual abuse of minors was not deleterious to the child?  does it mean that the years of cover-up and recycling all stemmed from a belief that while the acts were sinful and criminal no damage was done? 

That’s the way I see it.  Why else throw such a ridiculous statement into the  “apology”?

Perhaps it’s an issue with translation?


One more article I must mention. It’s the info I posted about  Father Thomas O’Dell

Note that  O’Dell

admitted to three sexual assaults which occurred during Doe’s Grade 7 to 9 years: O’Dell sodomized Doe with a wooden crucifix in 1983; removed Doe’s clothing and placed him naked on the church altar, then forced Doe to have oral sex; and O’Dell performed anal intercourse on Doe.


O’Dell was also convicted of acts of gross indecency against two brothers in the early 1980s. He admitted he attached the brothers’ genitalia to a rope- and-pulley system under the guise of “spiritual and personal growth.”

And note that Bishop Plouffe was still essentially denying O’Dell was a molester,but accepted the verdict:

“The law is a human institution and sometimes they fail,” replied Plouffe, who added while he “doesn’t know” if O’Dell did it he was convicted and “we accepted the verdicts.”

O’Dell got six months in jail.  Six months.  This monster got 6 months. 

Perry got 6 months!!!!


And just one more, ..the info I posted yesterday re Father Phillip Jacob.  Look at that.  Bishop Remi de Roo took this molester in knowing full well that he was a molester.  And he stuck him in a parish without saying boo to the unwitting flock that their new priest was in fact a known child molester.

How many more are out there?

I have been thinking it’s perhaps high time for a priest recall. Bring all Canadian priests serving in other countries back to Canada, and send all priests belonging to other countries back home.  And do the same around the world – send them all back where they belong, – to their diocese of incardination – and then let’s sort out who belongs in Canada, and who perhaps belongs in jail.


I will carry on with the Whalen info. Still lots to do there so I will pick away.

I have soomone working on the google search problem.  Hopefully it will be resolved soon.  If not I will have to find assisatnce here. A headache.  Of my own creation 🙁

Enough for now,




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