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I posted another series of articles re Father Lorne Whalen today.  More to go, but I decided I needed a break from it 🙂  I can not to this day believe that this man had been stripped of his faculties by both the Military Vicariate and the Archdiocese of Toronto when he showed up in the sanctuary of St. Brigid’s Church in Ottawa, sporting an earring and promising he would be with us for a long long time – and when questions were asked assurances were given that he was “a priest in good standing” in the Diocese of Pembroke, Ontario.

Anyway, so be it.  That’s the mess we’re in.  One bishop says ‘no,’ another says ‘no problem,’ – and Heaven help those who ask questions!

I’ll get back to all of that. 

I just finished posting a new page with a series of articles related to the conviction of Ottawa priest and canon lawyer Father Dale Crampton.  I have a couple more articles to add – one is at my fingertips, and another is buried in my files.  I will get part of that done this evening.  I also want to find a good picture to post on the page.

It’s always interesting to scan old clippings to see who has done what in the interim.  Note the Father Patrick Powers quoted in articles – he’s now Monsignor Patrick Powers and General Secretary for the CCCB. 

And Archbishop Joseph Aurele Plourde?  Well, he’s now retired.  But he made big headlines when he shot a dog which went after his cat.  Yes, he had the shotgun right there ready to go and the dog didn’t stand a chance.  There are still Catholics in the archdiocese who refer to him to this day as Shotgun Joe.   He’s the last of the Gang of Five.

And Michael Neville?  Well, he went on to get Father Charlie off the hook.  And then  he was in the Weave Shed  for a spell keeping him off the hook.  And all the while it was Perry Perry Perry. Perry landed in jail.  Charlie stayed foot-loose-and–free.  So, it worked.  That must be what Justice Normand Glaude means by a “damn good” lawyer?

As I say, interesting to scan the old clippings.  It helps to either keep or put things in perspective. 

I will  pick away at adding pages with further info and media coverage for each of those listed on the Accused page – will also add names of prominent RC non-clergy accused, i.e., teachers.


Word is that Bishop James Wingle is NOT at the Legionaries facility in Jerusalem (at least that’s what those at the facility say.)  Where oh where in Jerusalem could he be? 

No response today from Monsignor Kirkpatrick.  Not a boo.  All I asked for was confirmation that Bishop Wingle is in Jerusalem.  Nothing. I will try again on Monday.

Other things to do right now.  Will post more on Crampton later.

Enough for now,



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