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According to Anonymous, our abdicating bishop, James Wingle, is in Jerusalem?  And he’s there on retreat and vacation?!

And no one in Canada knows?!

The case of the abdicating disappearing bishop gets more bizarre by the minute. If indeed Wingle is on retreat and vacation in Jerusalem I am hard pressed to believe that not a soul in the Diocese of  St. Catharine’s knows.  So, why the mystery?  Why the secrecy? 



A Cornwall Ontario trial regarding the July 1995 murders of cousins Peter and Jade Benedict is of interest to those who followed both the Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up and  the Cornwall Public Inquiry.  I have therefore posted a news article regarding the murder trial of Sudbury residents Michael Boyle and James Maestrello. 

13 May 2010:  Forensics officer testifies at trial

Note the  link I inserted in the article re info that Ottawa lawyer Michael Neville was representing the two accused

Neville represented Father Charlie – managed to get him a stay with claims Charlie’s 11 (b) Charter right to a speedy trial had been violated, – and it was all Perry Dunlop’s fault.  Justice Dan Chilcott, hand-picked for the occassion by Charlie/Neville, concurred.

Neville also represented Ottawa clercial sexual predator Father Dale Crampton.  It was Neville who threatened “Jack” with legal action if Jack continued to talk about Bishop Beahan’s sexual proclivities.

I recall too that both Neville and his young associate Giuseppe Cipriano were so busy with this murder case that they had difficulty getting to the Weave Shed to represent Father Charlie’s best interests at the inquiry. 

No matter, here we are, nearly five years after murder charges were first laid and the case is just now going to trial.  Have the two accused waived their 11 (b) Charter rights to a speedy trial? 

 I don’t see Neville’s name as defence lawyer, but he may still be working on the file in the background?  But, five years to get to trial?  Sounds awfully like the work of Michael Neville to me.


I am about to start posting some more Lorne Whalen files.  As I post I will make note on the New tab page.

Enough for now




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