Anyone remember him?

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I just added John S Knight, retired auxiliary Bishop of Toronto, to the Accused page.  I really had to hunt to find my info on this – was convinced I had something somewhere but didn’t want to post until I had something concrete.  I think I must have that National Post clipping attached in the note to “Dignitarians” somewhere but I have yet to come across it. 

My recollection is that this was all very very quiet.  Does anyone have anything further?  Was there perhaps a pay-off?  Was there a trial?  Obviously there was something of significance to oblige a 58-year-old bishop to retire.

And, I see that Knight served as a priest in the Diocese of St. Catharines.  Do any of you people in the St. Catharine’s Diocese remember him?  

I also see that he was President of the Church Extension Society from 1984 to  1987.  I think that convicted clerical molester Father Barry McGrory may well have replaced him?   I must check, but seems to me it was around that time that McGrory re-surfaced at the helm of the Church Extension Society after  his sudden disappearance from Ottawa followed presumably by further education of some sort at Queen’s or RMC .

Anyone who can fill in the blanks please do so. 

Enough for now,



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