My favourite convict

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Yes.  It’s fact.  Perry Dunlop’s appeal has been dismissed.  One para from the coverage to date:

“In his notices of appeal the appellant makes vague allegations about denial of his charter rights,” the judges wrote.

“The record, however, shows that the appellant was given numerous opportunities to obtain counsel, make submissions and purge his contempt. His other claims, for example, that he was unlawfully arrested and denied his right to fundamental justice are spurious.”

 Vague allegations?  Right.  I will do my best to get and post a copy of Perry’s written appeal.  (Written because he is not made of money and his battle to expose the rot in Cornwall has cost him dearly. ) 

He had numerous opportunities to obtain counsel?  Right.  Some day I do believe Perry and Helen will tell you all about that.

His “other claims”  are spurious?  Right.  And that’s the stuff of another story. 

I watch what’s happening in every corner of the world – but Canada.  Justifiable anger and indignation over the cover-ups.  Outrage that children have been wilfully put at risk.  Proof positive that Catholics have been lied to and deceived by bishops and clergy, ….all to protect deviant clergy who sexually prey on the young and vulnerable.

I do believe that what happened to Perry and his family would not have been allowed to happen in any other corner of the world.  I don’t believe other people of other nations would have fallen for the Public Inquiry with its flawed mandate- called in response to persitent allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up, and I do believe they would be outraged that, flawed mandate and all, four years and $60M downstream the commissioner can’t see fit to rule if there ever was or is now  a paedophile ring in Cornwall!

I can’t quite imagine what they would do if their sex abuse whistleblower was tossed in jail for refusing to participate in the charade, not can I imagine what they would do if they discovered that the inquiry commissioner and his counsel had not an iota of interest in calling and/or hearing testimony from any one of the many real and “alleged” sexual predators of Cornwall.

What is the matter in Canada?  What the heck is wrong here?  Are we truly haven for paedophiles?  Or, is everyone scared to death to speak up? 

The silence reminds me of the silence of the victims.  It’s uncanny.  I so often come back to this in my thoughts.   Try as I might I can’t make sense of it.  The victims have cause.  What of the rest of us? 

Anyway, that’s basically the end of the road for Perry.  He did the right thing.  He tried to protect children.  He paid the price.  he’s still paying it….

Perry Dunlop is a convict.  He’s served more time behind bars than a goodly number pf paedophiles, and more time behind bars than a goodly number of clerical sexual predators, and far more time behind bars than those who protect and/or cover-up for clerical predators. 

It’s an honour to know you Perry.  You’re my favourite convict 🙂 I hope and pray that while apologies are flying around the world from the Vatican one comes your way.  You deserve it.  You too Helen.  


I have been going through my Father Lorne Whalen material.  Father Roger Bazinwas Brigadier General Roger Bazin when Father Whalen was in the Canadian Armed Forces.  Bazin was head of the chaplaincy corps, and in  that capacity in the hierarchical ladder Whalen was ultimately answerable to him.   For a variety of reasons a decision was made to get Whalen out of the military.  I will get into the why of that later.  Whalen sued Bazin, and the whole world with him. There were several lawsuits flying.  I was simply one of a number, not in any way unque 🙂

It’s a rather convoluted, sad and disgusting tale, but it’s also quite enlightening.  I will tackle it tomorrow. I will also check early to see what became of Bazin’s court appearance today.

Enough for now,



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