Deal with the devil?

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As you can see, I am carrying on with posting names on the Accused page.  I had help going through my paper files – that made a huge difference 🙂  I am now going through other files which I had on disk and will add new names and update info as necessary.  I am on my own on this so will take a little longer 🙁

I just posted a link to an article re Father James Mombourquette.   It strikes me as as so very much ‘the same old same old.’ Note that this was two years after the CCCB published its highly acclaimed sex abuse  ‘bible’ From Pain to Hope – and there is Bishop Colin Campbell (then Bishop of Antigonish) accusing the boys of initiating sexual activity, saying the victims were partly to blame, and describing Mombouquette as a “good and holy” priest.

Note also that it seems it was common knowledge that Mombourquette was a molester. 

Note too that Mombourqette was sentenced to two years and was out in 10 months. 

Finally, note the plea bargain:  Mombouquette ” admitted to abusing four boys and charges involving nine other boys were dropped.”  Charges against nine boys dropped!! That’s as close to a deal with the devil as I have ever heard.

As I work my way through these files I am struck by many things, not the least of which is the complicity of the judiciary and legal profession in allowing clerical sexual predators to get off either scott-free or with a teeny slap on the back of the hand.  

I will carry on with the unpleasant job at hand 🙁

Oh yes, I see too that now that McGuinty has back down on imposing his new sex ed curriculum on all children through te province, the Diocese of Alexander-Cornwall Ontario’s Bishop Paul-Andre Durocher is speaking out.  According to Durocher:

“We teach that some people are not oriented towards people of other sexes, so we speak about it as a fact,” Durocher said. “We also explain that in the biblical vision sexuality is meant to unite a man and a woman together, and that it is meant to lead towards marriage and eventually towards the procreation of new life. In that sense all people are called to exercise their sexuality within that framework, whether you’re homosexual or heterosexual.”

Meaning what? ( 1) People are born with a homosexual orientation?  Certainly not Roman Catholic Church teaching.  (2)Homosexuals should procreate when they “marry” ?  Does  the bishop believe that adopting can fill the bill, as it does for those Catholic heterosexuals who are married and unable to procreate?  So what does the bishop mean?

No mention from the bishop of the AIDS ed program which is dove-tailed in with Fully Alive.  There was nothing terribly Catholic about it when it was introduced  sanctioned and then ardently defended by the Ontario bishops and ICE (Institute of Catholic Education) 13 years ago.  The bishops had no trouble with the program.   Parents did.  Roman Catholics did.  But not the bishops.

What does that say?

And then there is the Belgian Bishop who stepped down after word got out that he had been molesting a young lad both before and after he was installed as bishop?   How many Roger Vangheluwes are there around the world, hoping against hope that those who have been silent for so long retain their silence?  How many are there in Canada?

I pray for those who have been abused by these wolves in sheep’s clothing.  I pray that victims will have the courage to speak up.  I pray that Roman Catholic will have the decency, compassion support those who do. 

Anyway, I shall carry on.

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