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Another one….

23 April 2010:  Belgium bishop resigns after admitting abuse

“When I was still a simple priest and for a while when I began as a bishop, ….”

“When I was still a simple priest…?”

“”For a while”?

How long?  How long was this ‘man of God’ at it?

How many knew and twiddled their thumbs?

Why did they twiddle?

All the twiddlers who remained silent while this man molested and mocked should be gone on the heels of the scurrying out bishop.


Check the list I have been compiling here on Sylvia’s Site of Canadian Catholic clergy and other prominent Catholics accused.  Please send me any updated info you may have to round out the abysmal picture, i.e., in a number of instances charges were laid and I do not as yet know the outcome.

I must say it has been an enligetning ordeal to pore through these old clippings.  One of may plans is to put together a list of  relevant ‘qutoable quotes.’  Some are so outright surreal that at times it was hard to know whether to laugh or cy.

Enough for now,



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