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I’m all packed and ready to go at sunrise 🙂   I will have my laptop so will be able to stay on top of things to a limited degree – I highly doubt that I will have opportunity to blog – days away are scheduled to be busy from dawn to dusk.  Unless there is something earth shattering I won’t even think about blogging.  Maybe a posting or two here and there, but not blogging.

If you missed it, someone kindly sent an article with more info re the Grecco brothers which I posted earlier today.  I  have incorporated that info into the bio.  There are still gaps – anyone who can fill them please send to  More questions than answers with this one I must say!

Must call it a day so I’m ready for a long day on the road in the morning.

As I said, if I do manage to get computer time when I’m gone it will be simply keeping abreast of media coverage – check on the New tab at the top of the page for any new postings.  I will be back Tuesday – should be ready to get back to blogging  on Wednesday.

As I scan through media world-wide  and the keen interest on recycled priests I am thinking that Jacki Leroux (Ottawa Sun)  was well ahead of her time. Jacki ran an 8-page spread in the late 90s about the recyling of Canadian clerical sexual predators.  I think it would be worthwhile to scan and post it when I get back.  I will do so.

I also happened on some papers I had forgotten I had – did a quick scan and was quickly reminded that Ottawa’s auxiliary Bishop Beehan was told about the sexual proclivities of Father  Dale Crampton, one of Ottawa’s clerical sexual predators, at least twice in the late 70s.  It was close to ten years before Crampton was charged.   I am hard pressed to believe that Ottawa’s Archbishop of the day  Joseph Aurele Plourde knew nothing of the complaints particularly because, as I have said before,  he threatened the whistle-blower Catholic teacher with excommunication.  I also know that Beehan was a sexual predator, about to stand charges before his death. (Plourde, for those who do not know, was a former auxiliary in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.  And Crampton was defended by none other than Michale Neville, the same Neville who managed to get Cornwall’s Father Charles MacDonald off the hook.  It truly is a small small world)

Anyway, I am looking forward to getting back so that I can sink my teeth into this.  Must go

Enough for now,



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