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I’ve just done a bit of re-arranging on the RC Scandal page.  It had the making of becoming unweildly so decided to try to get ahead of the game and clean it up a little.  I’m hoping to find software which will have built in drop-down menus for the sub-pages of the various pages.  Itwould make things so much simpler for navigating.   If there’s anyone out there with WordPress expertise who can help me in my search for the right theme with all the bells and whistles I need, or the abilty to add them on, please get in touch.  I am right out of my element on this 🙁  Send me an email with your phone number and I will get in touch.

I see there is a hude backlash against Cardinal Bertone for his comments re gays and paedophilia.  I anticipated as much.  I am truly surprised that the homosexual lobby remains silent when allegations of sexual abuse which are clearly homosexual are reported, and becomes extremely vocal when a link between homosexuality and specific cases of sexual abuse is made.  We don’t hear that from heterosexual males, do we?  Indeed I have yet to see an outcry from heterosexual males that they are being stereotyped as molesters, and that they are being singled out and brandished with virtually all cases of child sexual abuse.

The truth is that some homosexuals do molest boys.  That is fact.  example, as I have oft  repeated,  he proof of the pudding was in Newfoundland when the Winter Commission discovered, much it seems to its chagrin, that the clerical molesters they were dealing with were all a man homosexual.  That was referred to as an anomaly.  Anomaly or not, it is fact.

As for percentages, there are countless studies which show that a higher percentage of those who define themselves or are defined as homosexual molest.  That is not for one moment to say that all homosexuals molest, but it is saying that a greater percentage of them molest than do heterosexual males.  Aside the fact that no Roman Catholic priest – or bishop – should be living a homosexual  lifestyle in the first place,  the numbers of Roman Catholic priests who  defiantly live a  homosexual lifestyle  and have been caught molesting is obviously problematic. 

I will add that I have talked to members of the “gay” community who believe it is an oxymoron for a priest to be  homosexual.  In fact, I talked to one who told a “homosexual” priest to make up his mind what he wanted to do, be a priest in the Roman Catholic Church or live the homosexual lifestlye. 

Enough for now,



 .  And they do sexually assault.

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