Apologies are due

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I am heading away for a few days over the weekend to visit family – things to do in preparation so my priority with Sylvia’s Site right now is get as much media coverage up as possible to keep people informed of developments in the Church sex abuse scandal.  I am also still on the hunt for new blog software – this one is turning out to be extremely temperamental.  I think I need to change it as soon as possible – the problem is finding another one.  I am hunting!

Those who routinely send links to articles – thank you and keep it up.  I go through and save them all.  It saves me a lot of time.  Right now I post those which I believe add to an understanding of what is happening around the world and in the Vatican.  There are far too many to post – I try to cover the bases as best I can.  So, please keep the links coming 🙂 

I’m also working at getting myself re-established for blogging and posting on a regular basis – dragging files and desks and books from one corner of the house to the other 🙂   Things are taking shape – will wrap it up when I get back next week and then I will be ready to roll.  I really thought that I was about to settle in to a leisurely life of poring through Justice Normand Glaude’s report from the Cornwall Public Inquiry.  Not so.

Rest assured this step is not leaving Cornwall behind – it is all part of the package.  There is not a day goes by that I don’t think of Perry and Helen and the victims.  There is scarce an article I read that I don’t have some sense of déjà vu.

I admit too that I watch with sheer wonderment at the outrage in Europe over what has been par for the course here in Canada.  Of late I have been thinking of the largely unreported shenanigans which Bishop Eugene Larocque went through to nestle convicted and serial American sexual predator Father Carl Stone in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.  Was there any mainstream media coverage at all about the roles played by former Cornwall Mayor and Liberal MP Ed Lumley and Lloyd Axworthyin enabling a convicted Amercian clerical predator to hole up in Cornwall?  

No outrage there, was there?   If there was, I missed it.

I watch and listen to requests for apologies fro one corner of the world to the other, and I think of the millions of dollars the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall squandered to defend the indefensible, and of the apology which is owed by “the Church” to Perry and Helen

I recall someone telling me once upon a time that there was much activity at the Nuncio’s palace in Ottawa over the brewing scandal in Cornwall.  And then in short order the Diocese was being represented by none other than top notch lawyer David W. Scott, former Prime Minister Jean Chretien’s lawyer.  The nucnio of the day was Carlo Curis.  That was probably only months after  Curis had been officially apprised in writing by Bishop Windle that the predatory Monsignor Bernard Prince would be shuttled out of the country to elude the potential of bad PR and criminal charges. 

Rest assured the Vatican has been keeping a close eye on Cornwall.  For years.

And rest assured there was a collective episcopal sigh of relief when the flawed mandate made it to fruition and carried the day at the Weave Shed.

And rest assured “they” are relieved it’s all over with scarce a ripple of public outrage. 

And rest assured “they” are relieved that no one paid too much attention to what was happening in the name of Catholicism in Cornwall.

And rest assured “they” are relieved that the only Roman Catholic who was put behind bars by or as a result of the inquiry was the honest cop who blew the whistle on the cover-up.

Apologies?  They want to talk of apologies?

Yes, apologies are due.  Bishops of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall  ensured that their lawyers worked tirelessly to demonize those who dared to point a finger at a Roman Catholic priest.  There has been much suffering.  Much pain.  Much heart ache.  

And so much cover-up. 

Apologies afre due.

Perhaps a few emails to the Holy Father are yet again in order? 

Perhaps the time is ripe?  . 

Emails can be sent to:

Pope Benedict XVI: benedictxvi@vatican.va (salutation is Your Holiness)

Archbishop William Joseph Levada (Prefect: Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith): cdf@cfaith.va (salutation is Your Excellency)


Next week I hope to have some helping hands to start listing the names of the real and “alleged” clerical sexual predators of Canada.  I will start with those which I have on hand and go from there.  I will also scan and post a few relevant articles for each.  Then it will be a cse of sorting out where they are now J

I also plan to do what I promised some time ago, to dig into and start scanning and posting some rather interesting files.

And yes, I do want to get together a sort of bio page on Father Don Grecco and the Grecco brothers.  It’s hard to keep track of who was where and and when.  I think it would be of benefit to all.

I will leave it at that,

Enough for now,



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