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A few things I want to get out that I had jotted down to pass along, and a few comments about media coverage re the latest developments:

(1) The purge at St. Augustine’s

 The purge as I understand it entailed those who were, contrary to Church teaching, actively living and/or advocating a homosexual lifestyle.

 I have been told many times that many seminarians left St. Augustine’s because they just couldn’t fathom that what was going on as being reflective of the Roman Catholic faith.   Others were forced out because they didn’t fit the mold.  (the same holds true for St. Paul’s University in Ottawa)

 I am also told that some of the seminarians were very open and unapologetic about their homosexual lifestyles.

 I have bits and pieces of information on a number of the professors,  I will limit to the following two:

 (i) Father Tom Dailey:

One of the fourteen who were purged from the seminary was the Vice-rector, Father Tom Dailey. Daily, a priest incardinated in the Archdiocese of Toronto, also taught moral theology.

 The word is that Dailey was quite up front about what he viewed as the blessings of homosexuality.  He didn’t use textbooks, but rather handouts from the writings of various dissident theologians with whom he agreed.

 The word is that Daley came to the seminary from a seminary in the States.  It may have been a seminary in Rochester, New York, but that is not certain.

 After Dailey got the boot from St. Augustine’s, he was off to Edmonton where he found employ at either St. Joseph’s or Newman Theological College.

 Seems Daley got himself into some sort of trouble out West and away he went again.

 Daley next found employ in Granada, the Spice Island in the West Indies.

 Trouble of some sort again and he was ordered out by the bishop.

 Off he went to a neighbouring island.   He was apparently found murdered in his bed.

(ii)  Father Brian D. Clough

Clough was the Rector of the seminary at the time of the purge.  He too was incardinated in the Archdiocese of Toronto.

Clough was apparently given the boot by Cardinal Emmett Carter, then the Cardinal Archbishop of Toronto.  Given that Carter provided safe haven for convicted clerical molester Barry Glendinning that surprises me.  Be that as it may, Clough was fired, ….or, perhaps, relieved of his duties?

Away he went across the border to Catholic University of America.

And guess what he studied?  That’s right. Canon Law!

Clough returned to Toronto.  He rose to the rank of Judicial Vicar of the Toronto Regional Tribunal.  That’s essentially the number one slot!

 Wingle took over after the purge.

(2)  Bishop James Wingle

 I am intrigued by Wingle’s bio.  It looks to me as though he was pursuing studies for the priesthood.  The year at the novitiate.  Then three years at Holy Redeemer College.

The novitiate could have been a year of discernment.  But it looks to me as though he carried on, and then changed course and headed off to be a probation officer.

I am also surprised that there is no reference to the years at Holy Redeemer in the bios in the Canadian Catholic Church Directory.  Nor is there mention of the year at St. Michael’s.

True, not everything can go in to a short bio, and true, Holy Redeemer is affiliated with Western and his degree was from Western, but, I am puzzled that Wingle chose not to at least mention his time at Holy Redeemer.

Also, what a poignant column in today’s paper – a journalist who admires Wingle but can’t for the life him understand what is going on.

And, as much I try to find reasons, as yet nowhere do I see any explanation for what is or might be behind Wingle’s exodus.

The waiting – and speculating – continues.

(3) Bernard Prince

Prince is currently incarcerated at the Mountian Institution, Agassiz, British Columbia.  It is a medium security facility.

I hear via the grapevine that has taken some sort of course which MAY allow him to relocate to a minimum security facility in Ontario.

Another note here re Prince.

Bishop Windle’s letter to the Nuncio was penned 10 February 1993.  The unsigned letter to “Your Excellency” is dated 15 August 1990.  The latter is three years BEFORE the letter to the Nuncio.

I thought the unsigned letter was probably THE letter or a draft of the letter which was sent as a heads up to the other bishops.  But, looking at the dates,  that doesn’t make sense does it?  Or, does it?  Is it possible that Windle waited three years before going to the Nuncio.  What am I missing here?  Did I not read closely enough?

And look at the response to the Globe and Mail bombshellTonnos denying he was ever advised.  O’Mara not returning callsGervias not returning phone calls,  someone in the the Archdiocese of Ottawa saying it’s a matter between Pembroke and the Vatican (How many years did Prince spend in Ottawa?), and the CCCB refusing to conduct interviews.

This is new territory for the bishops.  The house of cards is teetering.

A final thought here.  In February 1993 Windle and a number of other Ontario bishops knew about Prince and by acts of omission or comission agreed to the cover-up.

In September 1993 David Silmser was paid-off and gagged.

Bishop Eugene Larocque claims that he consulted with his fellow bishops about the Silmser allegations during the 1993 CCCB plenary and they advised him ever so strongly against the pay-off, but Larocque claims he made a mistake and paid heed to his canon lawyer Jacques Leduc (“alleged” molester).

The plenary was late August I believe.  I would have to check, but it usually is late August or early September, and Larocque claimed that he couldn’t possibly have been at a Sunday VIP meeting on Stanley Island because he was at the plenary in Ottawa (Cornwall is an hour or less away.  The bishops come and go at their leisure and by Sunday many are homeward bound or off to cottages with their colleagues)

The thing about what Larocque had to say though is that just months earlier Bishop Wingle for certain and probably a gaggle of other bishops were  quite happy with victim silence and ever so concerned that publicity would create scandal.

And these bishops advised Larocque against a pay-off?

Really?!!!  Perhaps they did?  Who am I to say otherwise?  But, in light in no small part to this Windle bombshell, I truly have my druthers.

 (4) CCCB

Something’s up.  The CCCB flatly refusing to grant interviews?  This is surely a milestone.

I smell a rat.

Are they trying to sort out how to re-circle the wagons?  Is that it?

 Whatever.  Very unusual.  Keep an eye out. Be prepared. For absolutely anything.


 On that note, must call it a day.  Lots more I would like to address but not now :).

Enough for now,



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2 Responses to Be prepared

  1. Cheryl Helena Thomson says:

    Sorry Sylvia, don’t have your email, and don’t know where to post this video. Rev. Kevin Annett, the crusader for the Native Canadian Indians abused at the residential schools, is in the middle of a highly publicized (overseas only) tour of Europe. The day after Easter, he performed an Exorcism Rite in St. Peter’s Square, and the YouTube video is excellent (background street noise, though): Title on YouTube: FRD in Rome – second memorial and exorcism of the Vatican —–Rev. Annett’s story is at—-He was kicked out of the United Church in B.C. for daring to let these people tell their stories publicly. FRD stands for “Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared”.

  2. Rosalima says:

    Hi Sylva,
    We are tired of hearing month after month, of priests abusing children. A lot of people are asking one question: “Who ordained these pedophile priests?” “Who are covering and recycling them?” Are not these the Bishops? Just like in Ireland why can’t the Bishops in Canada take their resonsibilities and submit their resignations?

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