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I`m heading out for most of the day.  Check articles and documents posted under the New tab at top of page.  Weep!

Enough for now,



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  1. Cheryl Helena Thomson says:

    Suggestions for your comments, or input from others…
    I became a 58 yr-old baptized Catholic in Quebec in 2009, with my eyes wide open to the RC Scandal, having viewed this website, as well as the film “Sex Crimes In The Vatican” (BBC-Panorama program). I had been a Canadian Pentecostal in Ontario for 20-plus years, even completing Bible college 15 years ago. My faith is faith, built on principles which God has mercifully provided to those with ears open to the love of Christ, as well as the sins of man.

    I think “Modernism” is the spiritual root of many offenses against both God and man within the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, perpetrators of “Modernism” are automatically excommunicated (!) according to Motu proprio 
PRAESTANTIA SCRIPTURAE SACRAE, issued by Pope Pius X on November 18, 1907. That, however, is another topic, and there are other websites and boards for that discussion.

    But what I would like to share now is my observation of a total disconnect between that ‘reality’ you hear with your ears, see with your eyes, and know in your own mind – versus – that ‘illusion’ which people, in or out of the Church, allow their personal biases to impose via their worldview/agenda.

    Take as a blatant example the outstanding film which was released last year, entitled “DOUBT”. Every single review I have read of the film was written with an agenda. That agenda, surprising in view of the media’s stance today, expressed the viewpoint that the priest under suspicion of sexual abuse was actually innocent, and that the middle-aged nun who sought to have him fired was actually paranoid. In other words, there was a pro-homosexual bias which informed critical appraisal of this film, starring Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

    The actual movie ‘outs’ and ‘blasts’ a pedophile priest, and the reality of the Roman Catholic Church’s guilt in covering up for him, right straight in the audience’s face. There is no ‘doubt’ left at the end of the drama that the priest has sexually abused and manipulated the troubled young black boy he befriended. The ‘doubt’ is on the part of his brilliant accuser, Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep) – not doubt of her facts, not doubt of the justice of her cause…. but doubt in terms of her own character, the woman whom she has become, this in light of the fact that the Church to which she has given her life (circa 1964) gives her very little to hold onto any longer.

    A year ago, at Academy Award time, it was ‘happy time’ for the creators of the “Slumdog Millionaire” Cinderella story. All three nominated performances in “Doubt” were passed over.

    What was so interesting was that the public insisted on missinterpreting “Doubt,” as if the title gave a pass to the priest, with whom so many people wanted to sympathize. I would like to see that film re-released today. In some circles, of course, it is still politically correct to be pro-gay. And I am not confused by the differences between gays and pedophiles. Any and every world culture that has ever allowed practising homosexuality has been bedeviled by pedophilia. They go hand-in-hand. Period.

    Our society loves to be politically correct. But when society is confronted by the fact that showing love to gays leads to the necessity to cover-up crimes of pedophilia, the honeymoon is over. We are seeing that today, although few people are going to articulate that fact.

    I will just add that another very revealing film came out in 1961, entitled “THE MARK”. Stuart Whitman played a child molester who went through therapy with a skilled psychiatrist played by Rod Steiger. The bottom line of the movie was that the child molester could not be rehabilitated, even after a love affair with a blonde bombshell, played by the beautiful Maria Schell. So much for the argument that all the Church has to change is the rule of celibacy. Whitman was not a priest, and religion, as I recall, was not mentioned.

    So the failure rate of therapy was apparently acknowledged fifty years ago.

    There’s an old Pentecostal joke. “Da Nile” is not just a river in Egypt. It is a state of mind.

    Blessings to all.

    Cheryl Helena Thomson

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