They have it down pat

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Do “they” never tire of putting out the same old same old that we have heard ad nauseam?  Look at this:

08 April 2010: German hospital says housing Norway abuse scandal cleric

So Norwegian Bishop Mueller was caught and forced to resign last year.  Quietly.  No explanation. Mueller was gone.  Just gone.

And presumably no one knew where he was!!!

Now word that Mueller was quietly sent off to Germany – he has been living in a hospital. 

And Norwegian Church officials are now trying to explain why they failed to tell the faithful that their suddenly departed bishop is a molester.  And they blame it on the victims! 

The Norwegian Catholic Church said it had decided to keep the scandal quiet for more than a year “at the request of the victim.”

Do you believe that?  I certainly don’t.  True, I believe it’s highly possible that the victim didn’t particularly want publicity, but I also believe that Church officials nurture and even promote that reticence.  It has served them well.

Further I also believe it would have been quite simple for Norwegian Church officials to announce the bad news that Bishop Mueller was resigning because he is a child molester, ….and leave it at that.  There was no need to identify the victim, was there?  They could have told the truth, given parents a chance to check to see if their children have been cruelly violated by this man of the cloth, —–and leave the victims name out of it.

BUT, such an announcement might open the floodgates for other reticent victims to come forward, might it not?  I’m inclined to think the year’s silence had more to do with that than thinking of the fears of the poor victim.

I wonder too if the victim in this case was paid off to remain silent?   

Anyway, it’s all rather disgusting.  Seems to me no matter what corner of the world “they” all sing from the same songbook.  They have it down pat.

Final thought.  I wonder if Mueller helps out at the hospital? hearing confessions, and/or saying Mass? and/or bringing Holy Communion to the sick, and/or giving Last Rites to the sick and dying?  That wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

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