Lahey sued over sex abuse allegations

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Bishop Raymond Lahey has now been accused of sexually abusing a young in the 80s.  A lawsuit has been filed.

I will round up articles later. 

Will the Catholic school boards of Ottawa and Cornwall Ontario still think it’s a good idea for children to see God when they behold this man’s countenance?  Will they still think it is right and proper to have a letter by an alleged porn peddling child molester Bishop addressing Grade 7 chidlren as “Friends” in the children’s religious ed books? |



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4 Responses to Lahey sued over sex abuse allegations

  1. Charlie says:

    CBC says he was a monsignor at the time and worked at or was involved somehow in Mount Cashel….No one knew when he was named a bishop?…He was ordained by Ottawa’s current bishop to the high office

  2. AbsentObserver says:

    I can’t say I’m shocked by these allegations. And it’s no surprise the allegations stem from alleged abuse at Mount Cashel.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Charlie, I believe Prendergast was part of the joyful celebration when Lahey was installed as Bishop of Antigonish, but I don’t think Lahey was consecrated or ordained by Prendergast?

    Lahey was consecrated bishop (for St. George’s NFLD) August 1986 by Archbishop Penney.

    In 1982, when he “allegedly” sexual molested that young boy from Mt. Cashel Lahey was Penney’s Vicar General.

    Penney apparelty though Lahey did such a good job that in 1985 Lahey was awarded the title Monisgnor. And he did such a good job that one year later he was bishop!

    I know – a bit of sarcasm on my part. Apologies. Sometimes it’s hard to keep myslef in check 🙁

  4. thomas says:

    Okay where is Bishop Wingle. The paper reports a moving truck was last seen at his home and noone not even the Catholic centre knows his whereabouts??

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