Bishop Wingle gone

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So, Bishop Wingle has suddenly and mysteriously stepped down.

Is this shades of the Raymond Lahey sudden departure?  in that instance a precursor to charges of possession ands distribution of child pornography.

Or, perhaps shades of the 2009 departure of the Bishop of Norway?  Only now, with the ssex abuse scandal erupting on alll fronts, are the faithful in Norway learning that Bishop Georg Mueller is a sexual predator whose past caught up to him.

So why the sudden departure of Bishop Wingle?  We shall have to bide our time.  And perhaps best we in Canada not hold our collective breath.  I have a vague recollection of Bishop James Hayes’ premature resignation from his seat in Halifax Nova Scotia.  I don’t recall any reason, and I do recall that shortly thereafter Hayes was on a bit of jaunti teaching one and all how to cremate and bury our dearly departed loved ones. 

There were others.  Who are they?  My mind has been on Cornwall for so long I have to brush up on the rest of Canada.  So, help me out here those of you who remember premature resignations of Canadian bishops. 

I am going to dig up a few odds and ends to post about Wingle.  For example, DOB:  23 September 1946.  Far too young to retire.  And no indication of serious physical ailment in his letter to the faithful.

Also, Wingle is a Pembroke boy.  He was born in Pembroke, raised in Eganville.

He was a late vocation.  Ordained Apri 1977. 

More to come



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6 Responses to Bishop Wingle gone

  1. Sylvia says:

    Here’s some background on Bishop Wingle:

    23 September 1946: Born within Diocese of PEMBROKE, Ontario

    Raised in EGANVILLE Ontario – attended public and Catholic schools.

    Attended secondary schools in BROCKVILLE, Ontario

    University of WINDSOR: studied sociology and philosophy

    Attained BA and MA from Western U.

    GOVERNMENT OF ONTARIO: worked as counsellor with corrections

    16 April 1977: ORDAINED: for Diocese of PEMBROKE by Bishop J.R. WINDLE

    Served in several parishes in PEMBROKE Diocese before pursuing studies in Moral Theology at the ACADEMIA ALFONSIANA in ROME.

    1984: returned to Canada. Loaned to Archdiocese of Toronto and assigned to staff at St. Augustine seminary.

    Taught Moral Theology at St. Augustine’s and Toronto School of Theology

    1987 – May 1993: President and Rector of St. Augustine’s Seminary

    31 May 1993: named Bishop of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia by Pope John Paul II

    24 August 1993: Consecrated bishop at St. Bernard’s Church, Nova Scotia

    Principal Consecrator:Archbishop Austin-Emile Burke (Halifax)
    Principal Co-Consecrators:
    Aloysius Matthew Cardinal Ambrozic (Toronto)
    Bishop Joseph Raymond Windle (Pembroke)

    Installed as the 3rd bishop of Yarmouth at St. Ambrose Cathedral, Yarmouth, N.S.

    November 2001: named Bishop of ST. CATHERINE’S Ontario

    07 April 2010: RESIGNED

  2. Chris says:

    Excellent! I cannot wait until the real reason in known…makes no sense. Thanks for your efforts to try to uncover the truth.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He’s been here in Jerusalem on retreat and vacation for about 3 weeks. I don’t see why everyone in Canada seems still in the dark: He’s been very open about who he is while he’s been here. I even saw him concelebrate at mass last night in anticipation for today’s feast. In any case, Bishop Wingle is just outside the old city of Jerusalem.

  4. anonymous says:

    I don’t know what the secret is: Certainly he’s friendly with the Franciscans at the Holy Sepulchre; I saw him there again today. I suspect he’s staying with the Legionaries of Christ a few blocks over from where I am. Last night I wanted to chat with him, but didn’t see him. No, as far as I know he’s the only Bishop who was on retreat: I think it’s more of a renewal after his time in office. This, I feel, is breaking news for all of you in Canada… I myself am from Toronto but live now in Jerusalem. Feel free to tell James Weisgerber (the President of the CCCB) that you’ve found Bishop Wingle.

  5. Sylvia says:

    You’ve been away too long 🙂 Weisgerber is no longer President of the CCCB – as of the last plenary the new Pres is Bishop Pierre Morissette (St. Jerome, Quebec).

    I did send an email to Monsignor Wayne Kirkpatrick, Adminstrator Diocese of St. Catharine’s with the info and asking him to confirm. I await his response.

    If indeed Wingle is staying with the Legionaries I wonder if he took the Notre Dame Suite

    Rather nice. Typical of Marcial Maciel’s fine taste.

    Even the regular rooms are quite decent

    Just thinking, the ideal proof that Wingle is indeed in Jerusalem as you say would be a picture. Any chance?

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