Levada’s secret

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I had to find this.  I absolutely had to find it.

Take a look at this.  This is a 2006 article re Cardinal Levada, then the newly appointed Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.

 06 January 2006: Levada’s secret

Many Roman Catholics recall all too well their disappointment – sometimes outright anger, and sometimes sheer despair – with news that their new Pope (Benedict XVI) picked Levada out of the episcopal pool to succeed himself as head the CDF.  Disappointed/anger/despair because they knew all too well that, as Archbishop of Portland, Levada had orchestrated a secret pay-off with victims of Father Joseph Baccellieri, and then unleashed the clerical predator back amidst his unsuspecting flock.

Note too that Baccellieri is another molester who was shipped off to study Canon Law!  As I have said before, it seems to me there are more than a fair share of clerical sexual predators prattling around in what should be the reserve of men understood to be holy priests of sound moral character.  But, no.  These predators are there:  They study canon law; they teach canon law, they “do” canon law.  As I work my way around re-organizing Sylvia’s Site I will either  compile a list, or make notation on the list I have started under the “Accused” page.

Meanwhile,  here we are, a paltry four years downstream Levada’s appointment as head of the most influential congregation in the Vatican, and who but Levada is furiously circling the wagons around the Holy Father.

30 March 2010:  Cardinal Levada to NY Times: Reconsider ‘attack mode’ against Pope Benedict

This is too too much.  It boggles the mind, and gets more ridiculous by the minute. 

Cardinal Levada, a man who himself engaged in secret pay-offs and recycling, going to bat for the beleaguered Holy Father!

 I’ve linked the New York Times articles which either triggered Levada or were the straw which broke his back, but for convenience will also post the links here:

24 March 2010: Vatican Declined to Defrock U.S. Priest Who Abused Boys

24 March 2010:   The Pope and the Pedophilia Scandal

Do I think the Holy Father cover-ed up?  I honest and truly do not know.  I believe it is possible that letters and documents which were sent to the CDF for his eyes were not shown to him.  Such things do happen, particularly if officials with the CDF were  keen to wrest control and protect their own.  I will wait and see what comes out.  Rest assured I am prepared for the worst.  When it comes to cover-ups and clerical sexual predators I am well beyond my once naive beliefs that some people just wouldn’t do certain things. But I do want to see what the evidence is.  I don’t believe I am in any position to assert that the Pope DID cover-up any more than Levada and/or any of the bishops clamouring to the Holy Father’s defence can assert that he did NOT.

So, I will wait and watch with keen interest.  My disgust is mitigated with relief that we Roman Catholics may finallysee the Church purged of clerical sexual predators, be they pederasts, paedophiles, homosexual-paedophiles, heterosexual-paedophiles, bi-sexual-paedophiles, ephebophiles, homosexual-ephebophiles, heterosexual-ephebophiles (if there be such category), bi-sexual-ephebophiles (if there be such category),   homosexual predators, bi-sexual predators, or heterosexual predators.  And, not to forget, those who covered up on their behalf.  We wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in today without them.

Perry dear, your day will come.  Ditto all you victims who have yet to see justice done on this earth. I find these days I think a lot about  bishops who retain lawyers for the sole purpose of defending the indefensible by belittling, disparaging and/or vilifying those who dare to point a finger at a clerical sexual predator.  I think of ‘reputable’ lawyers who negotiate deals with gag orders, and who in many instances know that sexual predators are on the loose and stay mum.   By the grace of God things will start to change.

In closing, a confession:  I am getting sick and tired of Canadian bishops patting themselves on the back.

Enough for now,




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2 Responses to Levada’s secret

  1. Sylvia says:

    Apologies – I had two posts in the above reversed – that has been corrected.

    Also note a statement which I just posted: 29 March 2010: Setting the record straight in the case of abusive Milwaukee priest Father Lawrence Murphy

    As judge at the judicial proceedings against Father Murphy canon lawyer Father Brundage seeks clarification re errors in the New York Times articles.

    Father Burndage makes the following strong and commendable statements:

    , it is important to point out the scourge that child sexual abuse has been — not only for the church but for society as well. Few actions can distort a child’s life more than sexual abuse. It is a form of emotional and spiritual homicide and it starts a trajectory toward a skewed sense of sexuality. When committed by a person in authority, it creates a distrust of almost anyone, anywhere.

    As a volunteer prison chaplain in Alaska, I have found a corollary between those who have been incarcerated for child sexual abuse and the priests who have committed such grievous actions. They tend to be very smart and manipulative. They tend to be well liked and charming. They tend to have one aim in life — to satisfy their hunger. Most are highly narcissistic and do not see the harm that they have caused. They view the children they have abused not as people but as objects. They rarely show remorse and moreover, sometimes portray themselves as the victims. They are, in short, dangerous people and should never be trusted again. Most will recommit their crimes if given a chance.

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