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I have a raft of articles which I rounded up over the weekend to post.  This one I managed to get up yesterday.

26 March 2010:  Articles re pending extradition of Irish priest Father Francis Markey from U.S. on allegations of child sex abuse

Starting in 1964 Irish born priest Markey was shipped off for ‘treatment’, not once, not twice but at least three times, and according to one article, four times.    


That was 1964! 


“Treatment” obviously didn’t work the first time.  Ditto the second time.  And ditto the third time.


Who decided to give this monster masquerading as a priest a second chance?  (and a third, and a fourth?)



Who decided that that this animal was still spiritually capable of leading souls, young and old, to God?


Who decided that this man was still fit to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? 




 And we are led to believe that in this day and age no one knew or knows anything about clerical molesters? 


 Why not? How could they not know? 


Look at the trail of human destruction left by the more familiar Father Carl Stone


 That was in the 50s and on.  In the U.S. and Canada.


Recycle. Recyle. Recyle. 


What of the trial of destruction wrought by well-travelled Canadian priest/”pilgrim”  Luc Meunier?


Recyle. Recycle. Recycle.


Ireland. The States.  Canada.


There are others. 


Who knows how many Markeys, and Stones and Meuniers were lurking in sanctuaries and skipping around dioceses in the 50s, 60s and 70s?  “men of God” who, despite their blatant violation of a child’s purity, God’s law, Church law and the law of the land were recycled, and recyled, and recyled.   


If Markey, Stone and Meunier truly were clerical aberrations, why were Church officials not sufficiently incensed and scandalised to defrock them? 


I read somewhere that in the 60s there were around 250 priests who were known molesters.  I’m uncertain if those numbers were derived after the fact, or if indeed those 250 were known to their superiors at the time as molesters.  No matter, a goodly number of those 250 or so would have been known to be molesters.   


One known priest molester is one too many.  How many were known?  I would guess enough to know that clearly something was amiss.  


But, what was done? 


Recyle. Recyle. Recyle.


Then  along came the 1983 revision of the Code of Canon law – the statute of limitations cut first to a paltry five years, and, on second thought,  in 1993 extended to an equally paltry 10 years after the victims 18th birthday?


Why?  Why a statute of limitations when dealing with a clerical crime which is a moral abomination?  Why a law which seems geared to protect clergy who have shown themselves unfit for Holy Orders?


My thought on the whole dirty mess is that the the Roman Catholic Church has been hijacked by sexual predators.  For years they have been recruiting men of their own ilk. 


They got away with it.  I pray that the burgeoning scandal brings an end to the days of the Church as sanctuary for clerical predators.  Get them out of the priesthood.  Purge.  By all means help them find their way back to God, but get them out of the priesthood.  We Catholics need assuramce that the any man who is a priest in the Roman Catholic Church, be he in the sanctuary, or a hospital, or diocesan centre, or a canon lawyer, or wherever, is NOT a known sexual predator.


And, hats off to officials in Ireland who are battling to have Markey extradited.  Hats off to those who believe that justice should be pursued, regardless of the age of the accused.  If indeed Markey sodomized that young lad on a pilgrimage to Lough Derg, and/or after the funeral of the boy’s father, he should be held accountable. 


No more recyling.  The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops gave us that with their highly acclaimed From Pain to Hope.


And no more molesters working out guidelines for dealing with the “problem” of clerical sexual predators.  The CCCB gave us that too with From Pain to Hope.  (Imagine!  A clerical molester’s point of view was deemed necessary to come out with the sex abuse guidlelines!! How disgustingly pathetic.)


No more recyling.  Defrock those who have been recyled.  Defrock those who have aided and abetted clerical molesters by lying to the faithful and consistently putting innocnet and naive children in harm’s way. 


Better a Church with a few good and holy priests than one with a raft of clerical sexual predators.  Yes, there are “problems” of sexual abuse in society as well.  With such bad example, how could it be otherwise?


The Church should set, not follow, the moral standards of society.  





I will get the other articles up later.

Enough for now,




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