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Someone kindly sent me a copy of Bishop Raymond Lahey’s letter, the one which the CCCB has apparently directed school boards to obliterate in the CCCB’s Religious Ed series “We are Strong Together.”  It is now posted.

To be honest, I don’t think much of Lahey’s overall message, i.e., greeting the children as “Friends,” and telling them that “we” are the Church, and on to “awesome” this and “awesome” that. 

Be that as it may, on the heels of kiddie porn charges I don’t see much that I think the CCCB would find particularly problematic. 

Maybe they’re a little unsettled by what seems to be Lahey’s self-professed notion that when people look at him they will see God?  Perhaps a statement like the following was alright with the bishops pre the kiddie porn charges, but not post kiddie porn charges?

“When people look at us they will see the God who believes in us and whom we believe in.”

I must say that I have not once looked at Lahey’s picture and had the slightest inkling that I was looking at God.  Far from it!

But, there it is.  That’s the letter which is being diligently obliterated from the CCCB Religious Ed texts.  On the instructions of the CCCB.

Interesting indeed…

Interesting too that only a few short months ago the then President of the CCCB James Weisgerber was apparently upset that Lahey was being tried “in the court of public opinion“:

Archbishop Weisgerber said he was shocked and angered by the allegations against Bishop Lahey, and added he doesn’t think it’s fair that Bishop Lahey is now being tried “in the court of public opinion” before his case has gone to trial.

What’s changed?  Lahey hasn’t gone to trial.  It’s been six months since he was charged.  And suddenly the CCCB has  judged that it is now inappropriate to have Lahey’s letter in its Religious Ed. texts?

There must be something more to this than meets the eye.


I checked to find out what postion Lahey held with the CCCB in 1995 when the texts were first published.   He, along with Bishops Peter Mallon, John A O’Mara and Anthony Tonnos,  was a member of the CCCB’s Christain Education commission.  Tonnos was Chair of the commision.  Why Lahey was chosen to write the letter I have no idea.  Perhaps he played an instrumental role in compiling the texts? 

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