More than meets the eye?

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A new article posted.   Cornwall Police Service Detective Constable Emma Wilson-King ‘allegedly’ drinking and driving

09 February 2010: City police officer charged by OPP with impaired driving

Wilson-King’s name has surfaced several times in relation to various CPS sex abuse “investigations.”  Perhaps the most familiar to me is the time that Wilson-King, apparently at the behest of Father Kevin Maloney and his lawyer Sean Adams, ordered John MacDonald, a man alleging sexual abuse by a diocesan priest, not to call Father Maloney, a Roman Catholic priest.  The whole thing was a royal convoluted mess. 

Less familiar is the role Wilson-King played in the investigation of a victim whose name is under publication ban, as it that of his convicted molester whose name is also under publication ban and who is now freely roaming the streets.  I will say no more on this until I double check my facts.

No matter, the bottom line is that one of CPS’ own has been charged with drunken driving. 

To say the least, the circumstances surrounding this are a little odd.  Seems it was a male passenger in the vehicle who actually flagged down the OPP! 

Why was the man, whoever he was, not behind the wheel?  Was he too intoxicated himself to drive? but not too intoxiacted to flag down police?  or what?

And why was the car stopped at the side of the road, presumably with Wilson-King still behind the wheel?

Bizarre.  There truly must be more to this latest CPS saga than meets the eye 🙂

Incidentally, I just checked for a report of Wilson-King’s court appearance which, according to media reports, was scheduled for yesterday.  Nothing.

Does anyone have an update?  Did she appear?  What’s going on?

And speaking of John MacDonald, not a boo as yet about the RCMP investigation into his complaints against the former Cornwall Crown and two former Crowns turned judges – Murray MacDonald, Robert Pelletier and Peter Griffiths.

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