Big day tomorrow

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A big day in two Ontario courtrooms tomorrow….

(1) Bishop Raymond Lahey has a court date scheduled for 8:30 am tomorrow morning (03 February 2010) at the Ottawa court house.  There has been speculation by the media that he will enter a plea.  The 03 February court date however was described in court as “continuance.”   I still don’t understand that, but perhaps will be enlightened tomorrow 🙂 

By the way, I heard via the grapevine that Lahey’s hefty legal fees are presumably being picked up by a rich brother.   True or false?  I have no idea.  For what it’s worth I do know that the average Catholic in the pew is adamant that they do not want to and will not pick up the tab.  The question there is, barring legal action or an inquiry, how would they ever know if the diocese did or did not pick up the tab?  One for sure is that Lahey has had no trouble running up his bill as he dithers about contemplating whether or not he actually did the dastardly deeds .  $800 or so per hour adds up quickly – even with a teeny weeny bit of dithering.

I also wonder if the CCCB would sit by idly twiddling thumbs when one of its is ‘in need’?  I doubt it.  I truly doubt it. 

Bottom line:  rich brother or no I do believe Lahey’s hefty legal bill will be taken care of.  

(2) Ex priest Don Grecco’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for tomorrow at the Cayuga courthouse.  Hopefully someone can report back to us on the outcome of that.

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4 Responses to Big day tomorrow

  1. Nellie says:

    RC bishop’s court proceedings on child-porn charges to resume in April

    OTTAWA — Court proceedings involving a Roman Catholic bishop facing child-pornography charges are not scheduled to resume until April 9.

    Raymond Lahey was charged in September with possessing and importing child pornography, 10 days after he was detained by customs officers upon arriving in Ottawa aboard a flight from Britain.

    Several subsequent court dates have been put off and Lahey has yet to enter a plea on the charges.

    Police say they found hundreds of files and dozens of videos on Lahey’s laptop, many of them showing young males engaged in sex acts.

    The 69-year-old bishop, who stepped down as head of the Roman Catholic diocese in Antigonish, N.S., has been staying with other priests in Ottawa since he was granted bail Oct. 1.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Lahey’s next court date is actually a week Friday at 9 am, courtroom #8. That is Case Management Court.

    This is going to case Management Court because “defense has some issues in setting this down” – and they were not going to discuss those in open court.

    The Case Management Court is open and whatever is discussed at that time will be in the public domain.

    There was no mention this morning of the April court date referenced by the media. Why the Case Management Court date is not out with the media I do not know but shall try to find out tomorrow. Perhaps someone somewhere deems it inconsequential?

    I was there this morning. I did not see any media but perhaps missed? No matter, I know for a fact that there was no press outside the courtroom speaking to either the Crown or defence lawyer. I spoke to both.

    I am wondering if word of the next court date went out via a press release? If yes, why omit the next scheduled date of Friday 12 February 2010? And also if yes, who authored it?

    I will blog further on this -there is something else which is puzzling about this whole thing. For now, time to get supper together 🙂

  3. Sylvia says:

    How could I have missed it? It was a super big day in court today – Fantino’s case was also before the courts today.

    And, guess what? Surprise! No charges!!!!

    I will post articles later.

  4. Nellie says:

    Me thinks that Fantino is coated with Teflon!

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