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Two articles posted last night, ….with comments:

(1). 27 January 2010:   $1.5M for CAS roof

Note the stats:

– 140 Children’s Aid Society workers

– “$25 million-plus” budget for 2008-09

– 391 children under CAS’ care in 20008-’09.

Now look at the numbers quoted in a 23 January 2008 article:  “CAS Proposal Request RFP#01-2008 for a Public Relations Campaign

– 120 staff

– approximately $22,000,000 budget

– 350 children in care

 Those immediatley above were presumbaly current stats in Janaury 2008.  The others are stats for the year 2008-2009.

That means that in the year 2008 the CAS staff increased by 20, the budget increased by $3M+, and 41 more children were cared for.

That raises a number of questions:

(a) Do 41 children warrant an increase of 20 staff?  and/or,

(b) Do 41 children warrant a $3M+ increase in budget? and/or

(c)  Was the $3M+ budget increase to cover care costs of $75,000 income per additional child? and/or

(d)  Was the $3M+ budget increase to cover a salary of $150,000 per additional staff? and/or

(e)  Were the new hires to provide a ratio of one staffer/2 new children in care?

(f) 391 children with CAS?   God love the poor dear little souls.  I pray they will fare better than many of their predecessors whose heart wrenching accounts of abuse we heard at the inquiry. 

One final question, as the roof was just about to literally fall in at the CAS, how much did CAS spend on its PR campaign to counter bad PR from the Cornwall Public Inquiry?  the campaign which came up with the slogan “We are here to help” in an effort to re-invent itself? Does anyone know?  Total costs that is, for the entire campaign?  Would it have made a fair dent in re-doing a roof?

(2) 28 January 2010: Expansion intrigues top cop

Less than a year ago we heard of an exodus of experienced officers from the Cornwall Police Service.

Now CPS is apparently debating expanding its reach into the surrounding communities. 

In light of what we heard at the inquiry, I shudder at the thought.

Enough for now,



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