What took soooooooo long?

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I nearly missed this one:  Claude McIntosh taking yet another tireless swipe at Perry….

 20 January 2010: John to Jim: Jump Ship!

Speaking of which I have been getting some details regarding the appeals on Monday 18 January 2010.  There are a few things about the whole business which I have been trying to sort out and make some sense of, not the least of which is the media report that Perry was not advised of the Monday 18 January 2010 court date until the previous week. 

As I now understand it a message was left on the Dunlop answering machine last week, either Thursday or Friday.  Best I say no more until I get the dates and details straight, hopefully today.  I will relay the word as soon as I can.


More shenanigans flowing from the office of the Ontario Attorney General, this time re allegations that Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino. influenced elected officials in Haldimand County over the ongoing native dispute in Caledonia.

20 January 2010:  Fantino finally served

To get a good handle on what’s going on in this particular mess read the Christie Blatchford article  – it’s the second one down.  I highlighted it in red.

Note that Gary McHale, the man who filed the complaint against Fantino with a Justice of the Peace, believes “the fix” is in.

Alas, I am inclined to agree 🙁  
Note that the summons was issued 08 January 2010 and Fantino was NOT served until yesterday, 20 January 2010!

Twelve days?   What took soooooooo long?!!!  Surely the commissioner of OPP can’t be that hard to find?

No matter, twelve days it was. 

Note too that McHale believes that this case should be put into the hands of an out-of- province Crown.   (A rational thought I would say)

Will Fantino be charged?  I don’t think we should hold our collective breath  on that one, but, we’ll just have to wait and see.

For those who may have forgotten, Julian Fantino was the first person to whom Perry Dunlop delivered documents regarding the Cornwall scandal and cover-up.  Amongst other things the documents contained allegations of death threats against Perry.   At the time Fantino was Chief of the London Police Service.  He has since, courtesy of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, moved to the top of the OPP ladder. 

 Fantino testified at the Cornwall Public Inquiry – a lot of tap dancing and unanswered questions re what he did or did not do with the documents from the time he received them until they were turned over to an OPP official some two months later. 

 Anyway, back to the now. 

A question:  Does anyone know who Fantino’s lawyer is in this his most recent fruckus?  Is it perchance Brian Gover again?  That’s who Fantino picked back in 2008 – and that happens to be Justice Normand Glaude’s lawyer of choice,  the same Brian Gover retained by Glaude to do the  dirty work which ended  with Perry behind bars.

No matter.  Would I could think otherwise, but, between what I have learned from Real and Perceived Conflict 101, and what I continue to learn of that huge One Big Happy Family, the wagons are circled.  I do believe OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino is snug as bug in its proverbial a rug.

Enough for now



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