Here we go again

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18 January 2020: Dunlop appeals contempt convictions: FORMER POLICE OFFICER: Uncertain if Dunlop will appear in court

17 January 2010: Cop at centre of Cornwall inquiry appeals contempt convictions

And here we go again….

A court date set for Perry’s appeals – and no one saw fit to let Perry know!  Oh yes, true enough it looks as though perhaps there was some feeble 11th hour attempt at contact last week.  Imagine that!  An ‘alert’ legal beagle somewhere decided that perhaps it would be appropriate and suffice to give Perry a few days advance notice!   And then wasn’t able to contact him!!!

Dear Lord above help us!  If this is the way the appeal process is kicking off I won’t hold my breath hoping that Perry will be afforded some semblance of common sense and courtesy and just a teeny modicum of justice.

Two three items from the article I would like to draw attention to:

(1) Dunlop has long maintained high-profile local officials were operating a pedophile ring in Cornwall and that there was a conspiracy by the government and the justice system to cover it up.

Indeed.  And those allegations of a paedophile ring have NOT been investigated.  Never!!   We’ve endured over fifteen years of one investigation after the other and the allegations  of a peadophile ring have yet to be investigated.

Why not?

I’ll leave it at that.

(2)   “His refusal to hand over to the provincial police information he gleaned in his unsanctioned, off-hours investigation has been blamed for the failed prosecutions of several alleged child abusers. ”

Refusal to hand over what information?  We now have evidence that Perry had disclosed documents to police and the police didn’t know they had the darn documents! 

And we now have evidence that for ages the police had no inventory of what documents Perry had disclosed to them – they didn’t have a clue what they did or did not have. 

And we know that while one force was howling about non-disclosure of specific files the other force had those very files and failed to pass them on because they presumably didn’t know they had them. 

And I certainly know that this mess morphed into unsubstantiated but sustained allegations that Perry refused to disclose, and that those allegations were used to vilify Perry as being uncooperative.

Incidentally, no apologies were offered to Perry from anyone for these ‘little’ mistakes and/or the character assassination which ensued based on these unsubstantiated allegations. Nor, for that matter, now that I think on it, did Justice Glaude suggest that such apology would be in order.

Two final notes on this. 

Thank goodness Perry “investigated.”  No one else did.

As for Perry being blamed for failed prosecutions, yes, indeed.  That’s exactly what happened.  As I see it Perry was indeed scape-goated, by defence lawyers, Crowns, judges and police officers alike.  One Big Happy Family they were when it came to dumping on Perry – in fact what Jacques Leduc and Father Charles MacDonald did or did not do to young boys promptly went by the bye when it came time to drawing and quartering Perry.

Apologies are in order there too.  Justice Glaude failed to recommend them.

(3)  “Our legal system is wounded when court orders are ignored.”

Our legal system is wounded?!  When court orders are ignored?!!!!

What about when child molesters get conditional discharges?  Does that not “wound”  the system?

What about when a lawyer and former Crown attorney obstructs justice, and pleads guilty, and gets an absolute discharge?  Does that not “wound” the system?

What about when “alleged” molesters “walk” free because of some sort of real or perceived technicalities?  Does that not “wound” the system?

What about when a judge takes the bench at a sex abuse trial of lawyer and the judge fails to declare his many conflicts of interest?  Does that not “wound” the system?

What about when a commissioner at an inquiry decides to waive an individual’s solicitor client privilege?   Does that not “wound the system”|?

What about when a commissioner assures the public that no one will be forced to testify at an inquiry, and then tries force one person to testify?  Does that not “wound” the system?

What about when a commissioner refuses to allow a sex abuse victim give his side of the story at the inquiry and turns him over to “the proper authorities,” and the victim is subsequently charged, and thousands of dollars, untold heartache and shame, and countless sleepless nights later is  acquitted?  Does that not “wound” the system?

What about when lawyers ravage victims on the stand to try to confuse them and/or paint them as no more than money-grubbing liars?  Does that not “wound” the system ?

What about when alleged child molesters “walk” because lawyers fiddle and faddle and don’t do what needs to be done to expedite sex abuse trials in a timely fashion?  Does that not “wound” the system?

What about when judges and Crowns still seem to know nothing about the virtually stereotypical impact of same-sex sexual abuse on young boys?  Does that not “wound” the system?

What about when lawyers leave their clients stranded at the 11 th hour?  Does that not “wound” the system?

What about when lawyers with serious real or perceived conflicts fail to disclose those conflicts to their clients?  Does that “wound” the system?

What about when Crowns don’t know how to argue charges of “gross indecency”?  Does that not “wound” the system?

Are we truly to believe that the legal system views Perry Dunlop as a bigger threat to society than real and “alleged” child molesters? 

Are we truly to believe that the legal system views Perry Dunlop as a bigger threat to society than the lawyers  and judges who allow real and/or “alleged” child molesters to roam the streets with impunity.

All I can say is that, as far as I’m concerned, the legal system is not wounded, it’s broken.  …and it wasn’t Perry Dunlop who broke it.

Hang in there Perry.  Some day justice will be done.  In truth I’m still waiting for a “damn good” lawyer beholden to his conscience to come your way.  Surely in this vast country there must be one “damn good” unconflicted lawyer with the background, prowess and courage to take on the system? 

I wait. I hope.  I pray.

Meanwhile, Perry and Helen, keep on with the difficult business of re-building your lives, even as you continue your fight for justice.  Never forget that you have done an admirable job of raising three beautiful, well-rounded, intelligent girls amidst ongoing turmoil.  Time and again the cards were stacked against you, but, you made it through together.  You can go the extra mile for this appeals battle.  You must.   I know that’s easy for me to say, but, by the grace of God, one of these days someone sitting on the bench will actually “get it.”  Even though it’s looking like the same old same old right now you have to give it a noble effort.  Do the best you as a layman can do under the circumstances.  Get what you have to say on the record – who knows what the morrow may bring?  But get it on the record.  Lay the whole dirty business out.  As I said earlier, I won’t hold my breath, but don’t let this latest nonsense knock the wind out your sails.  The fact that “they” didn’t start to think of advising you of the appeal date until last week and then failed to make contact period doesn’t speak well for the system does it?   But, of course, the system is ‘wounded’  – and if we believe the powers that be, it’s all your fault Perry 🙂

My prayers, as always, are with you all.

Please keep Perry and Helen in your prayers.  And pray for the victims in Cornwall – some are going through rough times.

Enough for now


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5 Responses to Here we go again

  1. Reality Checker says:

    Just curious – questions…..

    1. What became of that multi-million dollar lawsuit Perry launched??? Obviously a statement of claim was filed in some court somewhere.
    2. What’s the status on that statement of claim??? Possibly now sitting in limbo???
    3. Did anyone Perry intended to sue ever file a statement of defence???
    4. If no one filed a statement of defence within the 30 day window does Perry not have the right to apply to the court for a default judgement???
    5. Is there a lawyer in Canada who would submit a default judgemnt in a Canadian court against those Perry sued???

    I’m just curious what became of the suit – cause Perry – you deserve “something”!!!

    You are always in my prayers. Like Sylvia – I do believe justice will come – slowly and frustrating.


  2. Reality Checker says:

    …and to those in the RCMP….tell Steve I’m still waiting and I still believe him. “Justice will come – it’s just slow and frustrating in coming”

    I do believe in justice -always have – always will…except…I’m not quite sure exactly where it is or where it’s gone lately 😉 😉

    Perry – believe!

  3. Sylvia says:

    Hi RealityChecker, good to hear from you 🙂

    The only lawsuit I believe is the old old one. My memory is that the only settlement in that was with the Cornwall Police Service. I THINK it was a measley $40,000 – it was around the time or shortly after Perry and Helen moved to BC.

    There was evidence re the settlement during the inquiry. I think it may hsve been Sgt. Garry Derochie who was less than pleased that CPS had settled 🙂

  4. Reality Checker says:

    Where in the world did I ever get the impression that Perry had sued for a whopping $40 million against the CPS, the Diosese, named individuals, etc.???


    Perry had some really great friends in the media!!! (NOT)

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