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Too too funny.  Look at and read this one…

11 January 2009:  Lawyers are serious about standup for good cause

Note the Master of Ceremonies is none other than Justice Colin McKinnon, one of “the funniest lawyers in the capital”  who was “who was much sought after as an entertainer” until he was appointed to the bench.   That would be around the time McKinnon was legal counsel for Father Charles MacDonald, and for former Chief of Cornwall Police Service Claude Shaver, and for the Cornwall Police Service.  And that would mean McKinnon was just the funniest lawyer in Ottawa sometime before he took the bench at the sex abuse trial of Cornwall lawyer and Church canon lawyer Jacques Leduc – before he was forced to recuse himself – before he said that the name Perry Dunlop “rings a bell”….which was after he was publicly confronted in the courtroom with his conflict of interest and around the time the Leduc trial degenerated into the lynching of Perry Dunlop, and around the same time McKinnon cited sex abuse victim Dick Nadeau with contempt of court – which was shortly after Dick posted some personal thoughts – `The Right to Know is the Bedrock of Democracy` – on his projecttruth website.

Note too that McKinnon says comedy is the “last bastion of free speech.”



A reminder…

Another special date.  Tomorrow (13 January 2009) disgraced Bishop Raymond Lahey is  scheduled to appear in an Ottawa courtroom tomorrow.   Will he finally show?   Will there be a plea?

Perhaps Lahey will really luck in and get the ever so amusing – but somewhat forgetful? – Colin McKinnon on the bench?  If not tomorrow, and IF perchance Lahey pleads NOT guilty, well,  perhaps McKinnon will grace the bench for the Bishop Lahey kiddie porn trial?

We shall see….


Oh yes, speaking of McKinnon, one final note.  Look at this one – from 2005 – when Colin McKinnon was on the bench and apparently busy acting in his spare time.

The cast, as you can see,  included Colin McKinnon – AND Ian Stauffer.

Yes, that`s a former commission counsel at the Cornwall Public Inquiry, Ian Stauffer.  Gere`s the promo:

The Carleton County Law Association & the Great Canadian Theatre Company present:
The 2005 Fundraising Gala
‘Lawyer Play’ Harlequinade by Terrence Rattigan
directed by Lorne Pardy
Dinner Theatre Performances
Monday, April 11 and Tuesday, April 12
at the Ottawa Congress Centre

Now an annual tradition in the calendar of the CCLA and the Ottawa legal community, the Sixth Annual “Lawyer Play” brings together nineteen lawyers to tread the boards of the Great Canadian Theatre Company, Ottawa’s own professional theatre, to raise funds for GCTC and The Ottawa Foodbank, in early April 2005. To help celebrate GCTC’s 30 Anniversary Season, this year, the “Lawyer Play” will be a dinner theatre event!

Under the direction of GCTC Artistic Director Lorne Pardy, the cast of lawyers this year are taking on the classic work Harlequinade.

A salute to life in the theatre, Harlequinade features aging actress Edna Selby and Arthur Gosport, her partner in life and on the stage. Harlequinade is pure fun. It’s a backstage comedy reminiscent of the more farcical Noises Off. Everything takes place backstage as a troupe prepares a traveling production of Romeo and Juliet with some well-seasoned actors in the lead roles. Everything goes wrong — from the aging Romeo having great difficulty climbing down from the balcony to real-life problems because Gosport years ago married and fathered a daughter before he married his present wife. The daughter, her husband and baby appear backstage, eager to meet the famous actor for the first time. The only problem is, he never divorced Wife No. 1. He’s a bigamist, but Gosport’s real problem is that he can no longer distinguish what is real and what is imaginary.

The cast features Judith Allen, Justice Colin McKinnon, Rohan Bansie, Master Robert Beaudoin, Suzanne Bouclin, Peter Doody, Ken Hall, Ted Mann, Doug Menzies, Kenneth Purchase, Shannon Ross, Ann Scholberg, Steve Sheppard, Ian Stauffer, Meg Steele and featuring Justice Jennifer Blishen and Justice Lynn Ratushny.

Two fundraising performances take place on April 11& 12 at the Ottawa Congress Centre (55 Colonel By Drive) with the Dinner Theatre Event including 6:30 pm Cocktails, 7:00 pm Dinner, 8:15 pm Performance of Harlequinade and 9:15 pm Dessert and Champagne. All this for $125, with a tax receipt available for maximum allowable amount.

Only $125?! McKinnon and Stauffer on stage together?  In a comedy!!!  I wish, oh how I wish I had known :).

And to see that McKinnon is not only a judge, and a comedian, —he`s an actor!!!!


Yes, ah yes the names McKinnon and Stauffer ring a bell.

That truly is enough for now,


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